“The Glory of Lord Jagannath”: FARASI GHANTI (BELL) OF SRI MANDIR, PURI

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Bhubaneswar, 22nd May. Believing the almighty is the ultimate truth in any religion. There is a bell (Ghanti in Odia) present in the Sri Mandir which speaks this truth.

During 1746, a huge bell was being carried from France to Pondicherry in a ship led by an experienced Captain Bitto. The bell was about to be delivered in a Church of Pondicherry.

Meanwhile a salesman noticed a huge sea creature through the magnifying instrument and informed the Captain immediately. Captain Bitto checked and clarified that it was not any sea creature but was a huge cyclonic storm which was coming towards the ship.

Horrified with the scenario the Captain immediately rang the emergency bell in the ship and spread alerts to his fellow salesmen. Everyone panicked along with the captain except one salesman who was constantly looking at a picture.

He seemed very calm. To this the captain went upto him and saw the picture which was of the two round eyes of Lord Jagannath.

The salesman told him that he is worshipping the lord as he believes that they all will be definately saved by Lord Jagannath. He informs the captain that earlier in his life he had overcome many difficult situations by the blessings of the Lord.

The captain was shocked to see such a deep believe and remembered that he knew about Lord Jagannath but never got an opportunity to see him.He was a Christian. He thought maybe worshipping him might save them all.

He sat and started praying Lord Jagannath. Seeing them others joined them too. After a while when the captain opened his eyes he was shocked to see that the sea was calm and there was no sign of any storm

He was deeply overwhelmed and emotional and thanked the salesman. He told him that his deep believe and devotion led to Lord Jagannath save them all. He was desperately wanting to see Lord Jagannath and offer his gratitude towards him.

Immediately he decided to change the ship’s direction towards Puri, Odisha. They reached Puri and got an opportunity to worship Patita Pabana. The captain also gifted Lord Jagannath the bell which was supposed to be given at the church in Pondicherry.

The bell was kept in Niladri Vihar Museum inside the temple premises in Puri.

Later during the fight for Independence of the country, the France government claimed the bell. It was denied to be given to them as it was a devotee’s deep devotion towards the Lord.

Thus by just keeping Lord Jagannath’s eyes in mind during any difficult situation will definitely shower his blessings.

🚩Jai Jagannath🚩

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