Our media team across the world covers a range of national and international developmental issues related to Governance and politics, synthesising the latest evidence and expert thinking to inform policy and practice. We have built a strong network with research institutes, universities, think-tanks and political parties to provide you constructive critical view on the policy matters, which will affect our society in the long run. 

In fast-changing media landscapes, people are more alert and sensitive than ever before. For some, digitally educated youth, educated global citizens have the potential to be democratically, socially and economically transformative. But others, increasingly fragmented and co-opted media and communication environments are driving political polarization, extremism and violence. 

Who can establish long-term social harmony in our society? 

For much of modern democratic history, media has been considered one of the most potent agents of democratic accountability. 

Politics and Governance are having inter-related issues, which attract more attention at the Global and National level because of changing scenario world politics and digital media platform. 

The emergence of Governance as an essential part of the modern state had never been under social surveillance and point of discussion at every level of society. Time has come to redefine the Governance, its issue and agenda, when “Globe is Flat.”

Here, at Global Governance News, we try to redefine the Governance to make the globe a better place to live for the future generation. 

The Indian media has been trying to make a clear distinction between Politics and Governance. But they have failed to differentiate between Politics and Governance. Therefore, media and communication groups are not able to maintain neutrality and eventually become part of individual interest and pressure group. In the advent of social media, Indian middle class are directly connected with ground reality and not ready to accept ideas thrown by biased media houses. 

Hence the reactive tone & tenor of India could not be channelized for a positive change in the country. 

There has been a big ideological gap among the mainstream intelligentsia in the media world.

It is a dangerous trend for pluralistic and developmental oriented society. Now, It is a historical responsibility to create a platform, where anybody can articulate its perspective without fear and prejudices. 

Global Governance News aims to position as a news platform to articulate about Governance, its policies, plans and agenda. 

Channelizing the public perception towards constructive and development oriented agenda, we do take responsibility for activism and advocacy to challenge the significant hurdles before growth-oriented democracy. 

We exist to support any movements, which works on Governance reforms without malicious and pre-decided agenda. Our experts would expose to those elements of our society, who try to use an extra-constitutional mechanism to influence the community. 

After having a lot of deliberation with professionals from various background, then, we decided to launch Global Governance News- it was first in the Asian sub-continent. 

We always put our sincere effort to know the ordinary people perspective about ongoing government decisions. Knowing behind the real politics behind Governance, we would bring them to speak about the comment. 

Our social changers are committed to “News and Views” of Governance, which will serve the broader perspective of society. 

We have a team of highly professionals and experienced journalists, writers, policymakers, socio-political analysts from across the world. Furthermore, Academicians, sociologist, Geopolitical analysis’s, Jurists, Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, Media Experts Governor and corporate leaders would air their views on time to time. 

We also invite our readers and viewers to join our movement of creating a new set of Governance in their respective society by writing and sharing with others.