Rahul Gandhi Again Taunts PM Modi on Central Vista Project

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 11th May. Rahul Gandhi, citing the situation of Corona, said that PM Modi should start looking at the situation the country is facing apart from his ‘Central Vista’ project.

Rahul Gandhi in his tweet said, “नदियों में बहते अनगिनत शव अस्पतालों में लाइनें मीलों तक जीवन सुरक्षा का छीना हक़! PM, वो गुलाबी चश्में उतारो जिससे सेंट्रल विस्टा के सिवा कुछ दिखता ही नहीं।“ (Dead bodies floating in rivers, long lines in hospitals, life security withdrawn! The Prime Minister must take off those pink glasses with which nothing is visible except for Central Vista.)

Rahul Gandhi also called upon people to help each other. Rahul Gandhi said that people should help each other in this difficult time of Corona crisis. He appealed to the people to unite under the ‘Speakup to Save Lives’ social media campaign aimed at strengthening the fight against the corona pandemic.

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