Instead of Blaming PM Modi, Collectively India Can Win The War Against Covid19-Dr. Raj Bhayani

Ajay Ramola
GG News Bureau
New Delhi.18th May
.The Doctors of Indian-American community led by Dr Raj Bhayani,President of the Federation of Indian Physicians’ Associations (FIPA) has been working extensively along with the members of his organization, to help Mother India, in its fight against the COVID-19 virus by providing logistic, technical, and financial support to the frontline workers in India.

Dr Raj Bhayani is a renowned medical professional and is the first ENT surgeon in India who completed training in Neurosurgery and has a fellowship in Facial Plastic & Micro Vascular Surgery.

Dr Bhayani believes that collectively we can win the war against the dreaded virus and effective mass-scale vaccination is the answer to achieving our goals India is to become Covid-19 virus-free, soon.

Dr Bhayani said ,Prevention is the key. Follow Covid Guidelines, use mask all the time, even at home, social distancing and take the vaccine. Make the country ready for treatment protocol.

In an Exclusive Interview From New York,USA with Global Governance News Group, he outlined the role of his organization and the ways in which his organization is helping in control the pandemic surge in India.

Here are the excerpts of  Exclusive Interview of Dr Raj Bhayani taken telephonically from New York,USA.

How has India handled the Covid-19 pandemic?
India is noticeably a big country. The population of our country is enormous. Our resources are limited. The first wave was handled very well but then became overconfident. Despite PM Modi’s warning, the state governments and the public at large neglected it and the results are in front of us. The fresh wave is a problem that cannot be handled by one man. It is an unprecedented situation and people may be tempted to blame Modi due to various political affinities and reasons. The opposition is treating this crisis as an opportunity to bring down and hurt Modi politically with an eye on upcoming elections.

What do you think of the role of various political parties during this crisis hour?

Anti-BJP parties in states categorically neglected the advice to build oxygen plants. Had they acted in a much more responsible way the deaths due to lack of medical oxygen would have been far less for sure.

 How has the Indian Diaspora in America reacted to the whole pandemic situation in India?
Indian diaspora is extremely worried about the situation in India. They have gone through this in the USA last year. I live in New York. I witnessed the scary scenes here. The sense of hopelessness and helplessness is profound.

What is the response of people of Indian origin in America to the Covid 19 crisis in India?
People want to help and do whatever they can to help our motherland. They are donating generously and want the people in India to know that we are with them in solidarity and will do anything and everything to help them. At the same time, people are worried. It is not a time for the blame game. It is time to help and be there for everyone.

Do you think there is an international conspiracy to destabilize India through the covid-19 virus?
 India did very well the first wave. So, people wonder if this new strain mutated specifically for India and spread through our cities as a bio-weapon. Our enemies are relentless and will do anything to hurt our country which was doing so well under very energetic & powerful Prime Minister of India Sri Modi.ji.

As a Medical Expert do you blame China for the Virus?
China has a share of the blame. As the virus did come from Wuhan and got released. Surprisingly when rest of the world suffers. In China, its effects are insignificant. And how do we explain that coincidence? The second wave because affected India so badly and no other south Asian nations requires a thorough investigation by the authorities and to take on such anti-India forces. Authorities should investigate that.

How have you & your organizations  contributed towards the support to India during this hour of crisis in India?
Covid 19’s second wave has created an existential crisis in India since April 2021. Federation of Indian physicians’ associations has been working to help Mother India. We have appealed for donation and have received an overwhelming response. India’s first defense of healthcare workers are engaging with this crisis day and night, yet again. A sudden increase in the number of cases has stressed the infrastructure. There is a high demand for medical equipment and medicines to treat the patients. FIPA has come forward in these tough times to lend a helping hand to the people of India.

What are the areas of focus for you at present?
Our organization FIPA is helping the people of India in critical areas and focused strategy that includes arranging and sending medical supplies, equipment, Oxygen Concentrators, Pulse Oximeters, BiPAP, Ventilators, PPE Kits, Gloves, Mask. Source Medications such as Remdesivir, Regeneron, Tocilizumab, Amphotericin etc to India. We engage Indian physicians and help them pursue their professional and community work. Right from inception, our motto is to ensure more involvement of physicians from India to have an interest in young generation mentorship.

Are you working towards creating awareness and providing online help to the Covid affected people?
We have a group of technical and medical experts who are creating awareness continuously through various online platforms by educating people. FIPA has started Tele health Advice Helpline for patients across India to connect with Physicians to get advice on the phone on covid and related health issues. We have appealed and engaged the United States Government along with other countries to create a global alliance to help India.

Do you think,mass scale Covid vaccination is the Solutions to the problem of India.
I would like to share that the situations have been improved in the United States only after the start of the vaccination drive. Apart from following Covid-19 guidelines yes, the focus should be on getting everyone vaccinated and the sooner we do the better it will for the nation as we are also suffering economically.

What you have to say about those spreading negative rumours about the vaccine and instigating people against it?
To say that vaccination will lead to less immunity is nonsense. Everyone should take the complete dose of vaccine as presently it is the only way; we can be saved along with following the Covid protocols. The United States is doing that way and has succeeded so far.

How many organizations are you working with to provide support to India and what has been done so far?
We are working with close to 25 organizations of USA and engaging with many others by bringing them together. We support, after analyzing their strength and weaknesses of each association. Some are good at fundraising, some are good at logistics, some are good at technology, some are good at medical expertise.

FIPA is playing an important role  as a connecting thread to bring all together for India. The most notable organizations are wheels Global Foundation, Ekal Vidyalaya. PAN IIT, Irada Foundation Satya Sai Trust, Round Table and the list is growing. FIPA had held a meeting with the Department of State of United States, USAID, WHO and several other entities to work with them on common agenda of the Covid crisis in India.

No attention has been paid for the best health infrastructures in India before PM Modi regime. do you think now it is time to put more budget allocation?
Ans. The poor investment in our healthcare infrastructure over 70 years is the major cause of current inadequate preparation for response to covid. We should look upon Israel as a role model and make India a developed country. India spends less than 2 percent of GDP and the USA Spends 20 percent of GDP as it should spend more to make our citizens healthier.

PM Modi Ji has done a tremendous job over the last 7 years to build better healthcare. The largest free insurance plan has been a groundbreaking idea and is helping millions of people in India. However, it was just the beginning.A lot more needed to be done but unfortunately, covid has hit us before we are completely ready.

What do you think of Media Reporting of India by Western Media that is showing burning Cremation grounds etc to defame India?
Few news outlets in India are very irresponsible and to make it sensational show the very unfortunate side of this pandemic and should be condemned when they show false stories either in India or any parts of the world.

Do you think there is a need for opening more International level medical Colleges & universities in the country to meet the shortfall of doctors etc?
We need to double the seats at Medical Colleges. As there is a shortage of doctors in the country and create infrastructure for more such universities. Another thing required to happen is uniformity in medical care. The difference in medical care from Hospital to a hospital is not good and we need to have some sort of standardization in India.*****

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