Mamata Banerjee Portraying Herself as Alternate to Narendra Modi for Next Lok Sabha Elections

GG News Bureau
New Delhi,  22nd July.  The West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee buoyed by the victory in state elections is now targeting the apex post of Prime mister in the country.
The Trinamool Congress is now trying to establish her authority not only in Bengal but also in the country. However, it will be known only after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections whether her efforts will succeed or not.
Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday held mega virtual rallies in several states including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Gujarat. Mamata has expressed that she is now eyeing the Delhi government after winning the Bengal Assembly elections. Mamata said the Khela will take place in all the states till BJP is wiped out from all the states and entire country. She said that we will start Khela divas from August 16 where football will be distributed to the children.
Mamata said the people of Bengal have rejected Money power and chosen Ma Mati and Manush. This she said on Martyrs Day celebrated by Trinamool Congress celebrates on July 21. During her address, Mamata said BJP has taken the country into darkness and to oust BJP from power the Khela (the political play) will happen now.
The Bengal CM said some members in the BJP are members of the human rights organisation and they have filed a wrong report regarding violation of human rights in West Bengal.
There was no violence in Bengal after the polls. Just before the polls were putting pressure on us. Now,‘Khela Hobe’ will continue till BJP is ousted from power and it will begin from 16th August.
Mamata also said, “Today our freedom is in danger. The BJP has put our freedom at risk. It does not trust her own ministers and misuses agencies. Our phones are tapped. Pegasus is dangerous and cruel. I cannot talk to anybody. These people are spending a lot of money on espionage. I put plaster on my phone. We should also put plaster at the Centre, otherwise the entire country will be ruined. The BJP has demolished the federal structure.’
This statement of Mamata Banerjee comes after her poll Manager Prashant Kishore who brought delivered victory during the state elections met Rahul Gandhi in new Delhi recently. Prashant Kishore.
It seems a consensus has emerged among the Rahul Gandhi and Prashant Kishore on promoting Mamata Banerjee as the Prime mistrial face to counter Narendra Modi in next Lok Sabha elections as most of the anti-BJP forces are against supporting Rahul Gandhi as Prime minister candidate.

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