Maharashtra has been Created by a Series of Women who have Excelled in Various Fields – Nivedika Kshipra Mankar

GG News Bureau

Mumbai, 1st May. Beginning from Rashtrmata Jijau who laid the foundation, Maharashtra has given a series of women doing excellent work in political, social, cultural, educational, economic fields and these women have done their best, said Nivedika Kshipra Mankar.

She was speaking in the 38th lecture on ‘ Maharashtra created by women ‘ on the occasion of the Maharashtra Diamond Festival organized by Maharashtra Information Center . She further said that many great men have played an important role in building Maharashtra, but the contribution made by women along with them can not be denied. She further said that Rajmata Jijau is credited with building independent self-rule. In Maharashtra, the land of movement, women have done remarkable work in many fields.

She further said that in the 16th century when women were outraged , farmers were growing crops, and the kings were making reserves , Queen Jijau against such tyrannical rule told Shivray and his comrades that Swaraj is yours and you must get it and this is where Swaraj’s fight started.

Shipra Mankar said that Ahilyabai Rangnekar, Mrinal Gore, Pramila Dandavate started the movement for the common people. All three were very dominant at that time. They raised their voice on many issues and also protested from time to time. Pramila Dandavate was not only active in the Maharashtra independence movement but also active in the Goa liberation movement. Ahliyabai Rangnekar was known for her fearless actions. Mrinal Gore contributed her commendable work from Panchayat Samiti to Lok Sabha.

Kshipra Mankar also gave information about the work of Tarabai Modak, Godavari Parulekar, Kamala Sohni and also mentioned Meenal Dakhle Bhosle who made a testing kit for Coronavirus.

She mentioned work of Rahibai Popere of Ahmednagar, Kamla Ranadive of the medical field, women math expert Mangla Narlikar as well as Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Smita Patil, Kishori Amonkar, Hirabai Barodekar, Jayamala Shiledar, Shahir Anusiya Shinde, singer Karthiki Gaekwad, Jijau Brigade’s Rekhtai Khedkar. , Pragya Patil of Nashik, Kanchan Mala. She also mentioned the work of women like Aarti Sinha who gave opportunities to uneducated singers on the radio.

She expressed regret that till date, after independence, we have not found a single woman Chief Minister. She appealed to the younger generation to take forward the rich heritage of women and contribute to the development of Maharashtra

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