‘Farmer’ protestors enjoy luxuries as Delhi struggles with second Covid wave

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 1st May. Alleged farmers have been enjoying various perks and luxurious life in the name of protests. Hindupost has received ground reports regarding the privileges accorded to farmers at these protest sites. On the one hand, patients in Delhi are struggling to find basic health facilities while on the other, so-called farmers have been enjoying themselves in the name of protests.
These pictures have been sent to us by a person who recently visited the Tikri border. We were informed as to how ‘farmer protestors’ have set up ‘homes’ along a 10 kilometers stretch of the border with various luxury facilities including air conditioners (ACs), coolers, washing machines, and even solar panels.

Courts have treated them with kid gloves while the administration has been all at sea as far as dealing with these so-called protestors is concerned. This has certainly emboldened them and they now refuse to vacate thereby posing a huge health hazard.
It might be a good time to recall that Delhi has been struggling with the second wave of Chinese Virus with its UK strain believed to be the cause behind rising cases in Delhi. Ex-pat Bharatiyas who returned from UK, Canada, and other places to join the farmer protests are more likely to have carried the virus and acting as superspreaders.
Delhi has been faced with surging cases of the Chinese Virus in the second wave that has hit Bharat. While health infrastructure in the nation’s capital has been reeling under the pressure of rising Chinese Virus cases, supplies of oxygen are being held up due to so-called farmers’ protests.
It was the Delhi police who ultimately came to the rescue of Covid patients by helping a truck carrying oxygen that was stuck at the Singhu border due to the ongoing farmer protests. The oxygen tanker was scheduled to arrive at Rohini’s Jaipur Golden Hospital.
Another important reason why the farmer protest needs to cleared with immediate effect is that there is confirmation regarding UK variant of Chinese Virus fuelling the surge of cases in Delhi. According to figures released by National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) more than 400 cases of UK Chinese Virus strain have been detected in Delhi.
Even the Delhi High Court has taken cognizance of the crisis faced by Delhi where citizens are suffering as oxygen supplies to hospitals has been disrupted. The judiciary, however, treated and continues to treat the ‘farmers’ with kid gloves. For how long will the courts and administration allow this to go on? Lives are being risked due to the adamancy of some alleged farmers.

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