Lokmat Parivar’s Decision to Provide Financial Assistance to the Corona Deceased Employee’s Family

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 13th May. The “Lokmat Parivar” has decided that if any of their employees die from the corona, the company will provide financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh to its dependents. The Working Journalists of India have welcomed this initiative of the Lokmat Parivar.

In a letter issued in this regard, Karan Darda, Executive Director & Editorial Director wrote, “Ever since the pandemic struck us, we have gone through unprecedented changes in our lives-professional and personal. Unfortunately, it has taken a heavy human toll. We have also lost some key members of the Lokmat family to Covid 19. While such losses are irreplaceable, the tragedy is further compounded when the immediate family loses an earning member and goes through financial difficulties.”

The letter further informs, “In such circumstances, it is very important that we support the family as much as possible so that they get time to grieve, come to terms with the terrible tragedy and try to rebuild their lives. With that objective in mind, the company has decided to provide a special assistance of upto Rs. 10 lakh to the family of any Lokmat employee who sadly passed away due to Covid 19. “ “This is being rolled out with retrospective effect so that families of employees who already lost their lives can also be covered. Lokmat will also assign a senior employee to counsel, guide and support dependent family members of the departed employee for a period of 2 years.”

He said, “Details of this scheme are available with your local HR.”

Lokmat Parivar

While thanking everyone he wrote, “I am very grateful to you for the hard work and dedication shown by each one of you during this difficult period. I also strongly believe that our employees are our most valuable and key asset and their health and well-being is a priority.”

All initiatives to support employees during Covid-19 pandemic are being rolled out under Lokmat CARES (Covid Assistance Relief & Support) run by the company. We shall weather this storm with grit, determination, hard work and of course by following practices of social distancing, sanitizing and by getting vaccinated.

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