Kapil Sibal’s Counter Advice to Congress Party on their Allegations on Modi Government

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 13th May. The Congress Party is constantly targeting the Narendra Modi government regarding the current state of Corona in the country. But at the same time it looks like the Congress has been torn apart. After a verbal war between the Congress and the BJP, Congress leader Kapil Sibal has advised his own party, Congress.

He said that it is time to stand together. Sibal said in a tweet, ‘Stand up India, it’s time to stand together, not criticize. When we win this battle, then we will know who is right and who is wrong.

Congress is continuously attacking the Central Government for not accepting the advice of the opposition parties regarding the Corona epidemic. The Congress on Tuesday accused the BJP of being arrogant. However, BJP President JP Nadda wrote a letter to party Chief Sonia Gandhi, stating that it is the duty of opposition parties to raise issues and make suggestions to the government on the pandemic.

Congress said that the BJP should follow ‘Rajdharma’ as we are only doing our duty and the government should accept its mistake in dealing with the pandemic and should call an all-party meeting in this regard.

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