It is Unfortunate That State Governments Still Playing Dirty Politics Amid Corona Crisis: Sambit Patra

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 10th May. BJP’s Spokesperson Sambit Patra in a press conference today said that it is unfortunate that the political parties are playing dirty politics amid such a serious and tragic situation due to the Corona pandemic. He further said that especially in Delhi, this level of politics has tried to weaken the fight against Covid.

He said that some state governments, including Delhi, are trying to hide their failures by putting the blame of the shortage of oxygen on the Center. But the truth is something else according to the interview of Frontline Hero BMC Commissioner Shri Iqbal Singh Chahal Ji, who is fighting brilliantly against the corona in Mumbai.

BMC Commissioner Mr. Iqbal Singh Chahal exposing the lies of the State Governments informed how he got a response from the Center in a few seconds on the SoS call in view of the lack of oxygen in Mumbai and received the Oxygen with the help of the Central Government in Mumbai. When Iqbal Singh Chahal ji was asked that the states were blaming the Center on all issues including oxygen supply, he said, the kind of stories coming out are not real. The Government of India should not be blamed in this matter. If anyone is to be blamed, it is the states.

This interview by Mr. Iqbal Singh Chahal also highlights the failures of a state like Delhi, how they failed in the management of Covid and supply of oxygen, and blamed the Central Government for hiding these failures.

Mr Patra said, on 26 April, Arvind Kejriwal said in a press conference that the Delhi government is about to order 1.34 lakh vaccine doses and has been approved for it, whereas today the press conference is saying that Delhi has nothing. The truth is that in addition to the free vaccine doses being given to the states by the Government of India, the Delhi government has placed an order of only 5.50 lakh vaccines. This means that Kejriwal ji lied on TV and misled the people of Delhi only in an attempt to shine his image. This is the reality of the Kejriwal government. When Arvind Kejriwal had to formulate a policy in the state regarding vaccination, he kept his entire focus on flashing his image through advertisements, he did not even try to fix the health system.

When the central government supplied 730 metric tonnes of medical oxygen to Delhi, Kejriwal thanked the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for this, but a few minutes later, Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Raghav Chadha said that 976 metric Tonnes of medical oxygen is needed in Delhi. Pointing these he said, Kejriwal government, first you should correct your figures.

The Delhi government is neither able to arrange a cryogenic tanker for transportation, nor manage oxygen. The Kejriwal government does not want to conduct an oxygen audit while 400-500 oxygen cylinders are recovered from Imran Hussain, a minister in the Kejriwal government.

Bharatiya Janata Party National Spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra addressing the press conference on a virtual note attacked the Kejriwal government with facts. He pointed out the failure of the Delhi government over Covid management and the political intention of unnecessarily putting the Center in the loop and challenged to come up with the facts.

He also questioned the sexual exploitation by so-called peasant leaders of a Bengali woman in the midst of the ongoing farmer movement on the Tikri border and said that several AAP leader’s name have also come to light in media reports.

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