Indian Army’s All-Women Crew Completes Sailing Expedition from Mumbai to Lakshadweep


GG News Bureau
Mumbai, 19th April. 
A group of 12 women officers from the Indian Army, Navy, and Indian Air Force recently finished a nearly four-week (27 days) sailing journey in the Arabian Sea. The expedition, which took the Tri-Services women crew from Mumbai to Lakshadweep and back, concluded with a flagging ceremony at Marve, Mumbai, as per an army official.

The all-women crew embarked on this voyage to prepare for an upcoming global circumnavigation competition set for September this year. The expedition was organized by the Army Adventure Wing and the Army Aqua Nodal Centre of the College of Military Engineering, with the goal of enhancing the crew’s skills for the challenging journey ahead.

According to the ADG PI, “This unique expedition not only showcases the spirit of adventure but also highlights the importance of promoting inclusivity and diversity in military activities.”

People responded to the post with pride. One comment read, “All the very best ….Do us proud…Bon Voyage ladies.” Another user mentioned, “Excellent – Apparently they are also preparing for a Circumnavigation Expedition sometime next year !!! Best wishes !!!”

The training expedition officially concluded on Friday. The women sailors have accumulated over 6000 nautical miles of training in preparation for the Around the World Sailing Competition, a significant event in India’s military history, according to officials.

The journey from Mumbai to Lakshadweep was divided into four legs, each presenting unique challenges and learning opportunities. Throughout the expedition, the women sailors encountered different wind conditions, intense heat, and rough waters, showcasing not only their physical strength but also their mental resilience and teamwork, as reported.

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