First-Timers and Newlyweds Turn Out in Droves for Early Voting in Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur


GG News Bureau
Udhampur, 19th April. 
As the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections commenced in Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur, a heartwarming sight unfolded at polling booths across the constituency. Among the early voters were not only seasoned citizens exercising their democratic right but also enthusiastic first-timers and newlyweds, eager to cast their ballots despite the inclement weather.

In a remarkable display of civic duty, Kapil Gupta, adorned in a resplendent sherwani and vibrant headgear, led the way as one of the first voters at a polling booth in Udhampur town. Having tied the knot just a day before, Gupta wasted no time in fulfilling his responsibility as a citizen and urged others to follow suit.

“I just got married yesterday, but voting is a priority for me. It’s our right, and we must exercise it,” Gupta emphasized, echoing the sentiment of civic engagement.

Joining the ranks of early voters were Sahil and Radhika, a newly married couple who made a striking entrance in their wedding attire at a polling station in Udhampur. Despite their recent nuptials, the couple prioritized their civic duty, with Radhika expressing her determination to cast her vote later in the day after visiting her parents in a nearby village.

The enthusiasm for voting was palpable among first-time voters as well. Vanshika Sharma, a resident of Bhaderwah, expressed her excitement at casting her ballot upon reaching the age of 18, while others like Meenakshi and Mool Raj were proud to be the first voters at their respective polling stations.

Despite heavy rainfall in Kathua district, voters remained undeterred, braving the weather to participate in the electoral process. Election officials reported peaceful voting proceedings across the constituency, with voters displaying resilience and determination amidst the challenging weather conditions.

The outcome of today’s voting will determine the fate of 12 candidates, including Union Minister Jitendra Singh, who seeks re-election for his third consecutive term. With formidable contenders vying for victory, including two-time former MP Choudhary Lal Singh and DPAP candidate G M Saroori, the electoral battle promises to be fiercely contested.

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