Indian-American diaspora condemns Hamas for its rocket attack on central Israel

GG News Bureau
Chicago (USA), 17th May. The Indian American diaspora has come out in support of Israel condemning the heinous terrorist rocket launch attack on the Hospital in central Israel. In a protest event held in Chicago USA, Vandana Jhingan an Indian American said that she is here to support Israel the true friend of India.

She condemned the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel and said that her heart bleeds for people dying due to the rocket launch attack by Hamas. Jhingan said that her heart goes out for Neela aged 52 years from Ashklan Israel who was killed in an attack by Hamas.
” The attack happening in holy month is unacceptable.

As we have bus stops here, in Israel they have bomb shelters to save themselves from the terrorist attack by Hamas. We in India have people from all kinds of religious background living peacefully. I am here to say no not anymore and enough is enough. It is high time that world should realise that we should live in peace and let others live in peace.” She said now the world is a small village and everyone should learn to live in peace.

She reminded people that if such terrorist attack could occur in Israel, they could happen in the USA too. She said that people like 52 years old and five-year-old children are dying due to the rocket launch attacks of Hamas and it should stop at once. She prayed for the departed souls and wished that there will be peace soon and these heinous terrorist attacks by Hamas will stop.
Dr Vijay Prabhakar An Indian-American Christian who is the national chairman of the multi-ethnic physicians shared his grief with the Jewish community and said that such incidents of hate and terrorism were not acceptable and should be condemned worldwide. “I speak for the innocent people and newborn injured due to barrage of rocket attacks from Gaza into central Israel who were taken from maternity hospital and held away in 45 hallways”, said Prabhakar.

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