“Imaginary Arrow” Gesture Sparks Controversy for BJP Hyderabad Candidate Madhavai Latha


GG News Bureau
Hyderabad, 19th April. 
A gesture made by Telangana BJP Lok Sabha candidate Madhavai Latha during an election rally has ignited a firestorm of criticism, particularly from AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, who condemned the action as “vulgar, obscene, and provocative.” Latha’s act involved pretending to draw and fire an arrow while in the vicinity of a mosque during a Ram Navami rally held on Wednesday.

The video clip capturing Latha’s gesture, which lasted for about 10 seconds, quickly went viral. In the footage, Latha, adorned in saffron attire with a garland of yellow flowers around her neck, is seen theatrically mimicking the action of shooting an arrow from a quiver on her back, followed by the simulation of releasing the arrow, coinciding with loud music. The camera then pans to reveal the mosque in the background at the moment of the simulated ‘firing.’

Following the widespread backlash, Latha issued a statement on Thursday evening via social media platform X, expressing a willingness to apologize “if anyone’s feelings are hurt.” However, she also asserted that the circulated video was “incomplete.”

In her defense, Latha questioned the origin of the mosque in the video, asserting that her gesture was aimed at the sky and not at any specific building. She further alleged a conspiracy against the BJP, claiming that the opposition AIMIM party is adept at inciting discord and diverting attention from the BJP’s inclusive agenda.

In response, Asaduddin Owaisi remained steadfast in his condemnation of Latha’s actions, emphasizing the importance of communal harmony and denouncing the BJP’s attempts to disrupt it. He called on the people of Hyderabad to reject such provocative actions and reaffirm their commitment to peace and unity.

Meanwhile, the AIMIM has urged the Election Commission to intervene in the matter.

With Hyderabad being a key battleground, the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on May 17 will determine the political landscape of Telangana.

Amidst the political fervor, the incident has sparked debates about communal harmony and the role of gestures in political discourse.

As the countdown to the election results on June 4 begins, all eyes are on how this controversy will impact the electoral dynamics in the region.

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