Seculars can go to any length to plant ‘Good Muslim – Ungrateful Hindu’ trope in Hindu minds

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New Delhi, 1st May. Seculars love amplifying messages showing the Hindu necessarily has to be ungrateful while Muslims are universally so good that they can do no wrong. The pandemic has presented a perfect opportunity to the seculars to push their one-sided narrative.

In keeping with the secular toolkit, a message was made viral on social media (SM) where the last rites of a Hindu man were supposedly conducted by a Muslim man as his family members refused to perform his last rites fearing the Chinese Virus. The story that was widely circulated on SM showed Mohammed Yunus cremating Anubhav Sharma in UP’s (Uttar Pradesh) Muzzaffarnagar District. A picture of Yunus next to the pyre was also circulated.

Swarajya Magazine reported saying:

One of the most viral posts is from a Facebook account in the name of former news anchor Abhisar Sharma that has about 27,000 shares already. The account has about 1 million followers.

The post said (as translated), “Mohammed Yunus performed the last rites of Anubhav Sharma in Muzaffarnagar. The day you understand the hypocrisy of religion, the wall of sand will collapse…”

On Twitter, a post by Kashif Kakvi, who has described himself as a journalist with website in his bio, says that Anubhav’s family did not come forward to perform his last rites and it was, for this reason, that skull cap-wearing Yunus lit the pyre.

The post has been shared by several verified Twitter accounts including Imran Pratapgarhi who has about 9 lakh followers.

Not only had the website Newsclick been raided by Enforcement Directorate (ED) in February this year but even Kashif has been spreading lies about Ram Temple. ‘Fact-checker’ Mohammad Zubair also amplified Kashif’s message.

Swarajya Mag journalist Swati Goel Sharma got in touch with Anubhav’s elder brother Sharad Sharma on 29 April and it is then that the reality emerged. The statement of Sharad as to told to Swati Goel Sharma says:

Sharad said that he was glad that someone from the media fraternity has called for his version at long last and he was keen that the “misinformation” regarding the funeral rites of his brother was clarified.

Sharma said that the picture is misleading. “I have performed the last rites of my brother with my own hands. People from my [Hindu] community, from my family, were all present,” he said.

Sharma said that Mohammed Yunus works as a driver for the Sharma family’s business and was a friend of Anubhav. “He is my friend too and he was with us all the time, but the last rites were performed by me, in presence of my family and my community,” he said.

As per Sharma, the “fake” news began with a news report published in Hindi daily Amar Ujala. “The newspaper published a picture of Yunus, sourced from god knows whom, with their own imagined version. They talked neither to me nor to Yunus,” he said.

Sharma said that the picture shows Yunus adding a powder to the pyre. The powder is called “raal” in Hindi and is added so the pyre catches fire easily…

…Ironically, Sharma is a reporter himself. He said he brings out a print magazine named ‘On Duty’. “Yet, no reporter contacted me before publishing the false report. They just went by this picture, ignoring all the other pictures where my younger brother is standing near the pyre, where panditji is helping us, where I am conducting the rituals,” he said.

Sharma also clarified that his brother Anubhav hadn’t died of the Chinese Virus and that his family members, as well as those from the community, were present at the funeral while adding that even the panditji (priest) had added 5 kgs of raal before Yunus but no one published pictures of the priest.

Not only has a picture been taken out of context to create a false narrative but it has also been used as a tool by the secular cabal to spin a non-existent narrative suiting their agenda. Additionally, it has only aggravated the pain of the family that is already mourning the loss of their son.

The cabal that often looks the other way as far cases regarding Islamic extremists calling for the death of Hindus through sar tan se juda rallies or grooming jihad cases are concerned, never let go of any opportunity to peddle their fake narratives.

It has now become a regular feature with seculars to come up with a ‘heartwarming’ story of a Muslim helping a Hindu man or family. In April last year, a similar story was run by TOI where 5 Muslim men allegedly performed the last rites of a Hindu which also turned out to be false.

Reporting on the matter OpIndia said:

The anguished Hindu family of a man, who recently passed away, has rubbished the report published by the Times of India alleging that the Muslim men organized the last rites and funeral of the deceased man after the neighbors “banished” the family since they suspected that he died after battling the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The report was published by the Times of India on April 20, 2020, in all the major editions of the newspaper as well as on its official website. The report titled-‘5 Muslim men organize last rites of a man shunned by neighbors’ alleged that the family of the deceased Hindu man was ostracised by the neighbors on the suspicion that the man died from Coronavirus. The deceased, Venu Mudiraj, died of tuberculosis on April 16 in the hospital.

Refuting the lies published in the report, Vinod accused the Times of India of concocting statements and attributing false comments to him. “I never said that. It is totally false,” he said.

Vinod then gave his account of the incident. According to him, after bringing his brother’s body home on April 16, some 5 Muslim men visited their house at around 10 PM in the night. One of them was Mohammad Ahmed, who was his brother’s friend, Vinod claimed. However, he did not recognize the rest of the 4 men who accompanied Ahmed. Vinod states that they all expressed their condolences and provided the family with food packets before leaving.

The extent to which the secular cabal goes to build a narrative is amply apparent from the above case. But that’s not all, the media even joins hands with certain Muslim propagandists to whitewash Islamist bigotry and crimes as was evident during the Bengaluru riots where a narrative of Muslims ‘saving’ a temple was purposely created. Their PR stunt was given away when one among them said towards the end of the clip “Upload kar jaldi!” (upload it fast).

HinduPost had drawn attention to certain points which the mainstream media was answerable for:

The story does not end here. It was probably thought that video evidence of vandalism, rioting, and violence by Muslims will create a negative perception. Some clever fellow found a quick solution. They started shooting a video of some Muslims holding hands forming a human chain. It was spread like wildfire in media with the caption that these are Muslims trying to save a Hindu temple from rioters. A few questions are in order:-


Who exactly were the Muslims protecting it from?


How is a human chain supposed to protect a temple from armed rioters?


In this act of protection, how many injuries did they sustain?

The media coverage is focused on two things: the comment by P. Naveen and the human chain by Muslim youths. However, other aspects of this whole saga need to be reported on. It should be investigated if this is a planned riot. Many commentators have rightly pointed out that it is difficult to gather so many people armed with deadly weapons at a short notice.

Seculars and media even attempted to play up the ‘charitable’ act of Owaisi where he came to the aid of a temple priest.

Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi has come to the rescue of a temple priest who had tested positive for Covid-19 by allocating him a bed at a hospital run by his organization.

Narsimhaiah, the head priest of Lal Darwaza temple in the Old City neighborhood of Hyderabad, could not get a bed in any hospital even as his oxygen level had dropped on Thursday after testing positive for the virus.

The family of the 80-year-old priest of the famous Mahankali temple at Lal Darwaza telephoned Owaisi, who immediately asked his aides to arrange a bed in the Princess Esra Hospital.

What the media would rather not tell that it is Owaisi’s AIMIM that is alleged to be behind the Bhainsa anti-Hindu pogrom. Also, the Owaisi brothers have mocked and threatened Hindus several times in the past. One act of ‘charity’ has the entire secular and left-liberal media cabal hyperventilating but none of them would tell us that Owaisi wanted only 15 minutes to wipe out Hindus.

The false narratives peddled by the cabal to ingrain the good Muslim-ungrateful Hindu trope in Hindu minds would earn them brownie points among themselves but it would undermine the works of genuine Muslims such as KK Mohammed and it’ll certainly not absolve Islamist extremists of their hatred for Hindus which is visible in the sar tan se juda rallies.

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