BJP from Jwalapur MLA booked for rape in Uttarakhand

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 2nd July. The difficulties of Suresh Rathore the BP MLA from Jwalapur in Hardwar district it seems are not ending. In the fresh development the woman who was sent to jail by Suresh Rathore for demanding ransom in the past has now filed a case of 376 against the MLA in the court. Notably four people from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have been sent to jail demanding ransom from a BJP MLA, earlier.

MLA believes that that some politicians along with the woman want to tarnish her political image. After the case was registered, BJP MLA Suresh Rathore said that he will cooperate with the police on the entire matter. Suresh Rathore said that he will tell the court that he had sent all the accused to jail for demanding ransom and now the same politician whom he defeated in the elections is conspiring in connivance with the woman by resorting to these defamatory tactics.

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