Bihar Government Released Rs 821 crore to 13 University Employees of Bihar for Salary and Pension

GG News Bureau

Patna, 7th May. The Bihar government has released an amount of Rs 821 crore 2 lakh 56 thousand 531 for the salary and pension for the financial year 2020-21 for all the 13 universities of the state. Out of this, the Treasury has been instructed to release the amount for three months, from April to May. Funds have also been released for payment of outstanding honorarium of guest teachers of Purnia University.

With the release of funds, the teachers and non-teaching staff of all 13 universities and 260 adjoining colleges will get relief in the corona period. Retired teachers and non-teaching staff will also be able to get relief.

With this amount, the teachers and non-teaching staff of these universities will get salary from March to May 2021. Along with this, the service benefits of retired teachers and non-teaching staff will be paid. There is also an amount of honorarium outstanding for the guest teachers of Purnia University in the released amount. It also has money for non-salary items.

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