BHEL in service of the nation: The plant working full capacity to produce 24,000 Cubic Meters of medical oxygen per day for the Covid-19 centres and hospitals.

Ajay Ramola
GG News Bureau
Haridwar, 11th May. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) the largest power generation equipment manufacturer company in the country is serving the nation during the Covid -19 -pandemic by meeting the acute shortage of oxygen in the country by changing its industrial Oxygen generation to the production and supply of medical Oxygen from two plants in Haridwar, thus providing relief to the hospitals and Covid centres not only in Uttarakhand but to other states too.
“All the Oxygen meant for industrial use in BHEL is now being diverted for medical use only and the plants are working to meet the shortfall day and night”, said Sanjay Gulati, Executive Director, BHEL, Haridwar.

BHEL is presently refilling oxygen cylinders for hospitals in and around Haridwar, and to other hospitals in Uttarakhand and UP, Delhi NCR region. At Haridwar, a total capacity of around 24,000 Cubic meters of oxygen per day.
We have appointed senior officials from BHEL Haridwar for coordination activities and BHEL will continue to supply oxygen till the situation improves in the country said Sanjay Gulati.
According to the BHEL officials the plant was producing industrial oxygen earlier but as the covid-19 pandemic surge was witnessed, the demand for medical oxygen grew alarmingly in the country and adhering to the call of the nation, BHEL began the production of the medical gaseous oxygen of 99.50 percent purity from 24th April thus providing relief to the people in need.
The capacity has been raised to 3000 oxygen cylinders per day. The priority BHEL is to provide oxygen to Haridwar and then to other districts and states. Around 2000 cylinders are being given to Uttarakhand while remaining is sent to the military hospitals and other government institutions in other states., said the officials.
The tourism minister Satpal Mahara, who is the charge minister of the Haridwar district visited the plant at Haridwar and commended the efforts of the officials and employees of BHEL.
The team led by ED Sanjay Gulati is doing a tremendous service to the nation at this hour of need and nation will never forget their contribution said Satpal Maharaj, the minister.
The minister addressing the media said that a request has been made to the union minister Prakash Javdekar, to increase the filling capacity of the plant to 10000 cylinders and grant permission to establish a new oxygen plant at BHEL.. He also requested union government to explore the possibility of using inert gas cylinders with some modification for the purpose of medical oxygen to address the issue of shortage of these cylinders. The government is working at its full capacity to ensure full treatment at Covid-19 centres to control the pandemic and minimize the epidemic in Haridwar. He also warned people indulging in black marketing of the beds for covid 19 patients will at Covid-19 centres and said that such activities will not be tolerated at any cos

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