BJP National President JP Nadda’s Letter to Sonia Gandhi, Questions Congress Party’s Conduct During Corona Crisis

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 11th May. Bharatiya Janata Party national president JP Nadda has written a letter to Sonia Gandhi and advised her to not do politics in such a situation. He has written this letter on the matter of a meeting of the Congress party working committee. In the meeting Sonia Gandhi had fiercely attacked the Modi government.

JP Nadda in his letter to Congress Party’s interim president Sonia Gandhi said that I am saddened by the conduct of the Congress in the current crisis, but not surprised. He wrote in the letter that some people of your party are doing commendable work in helping the people on the ground, but due to the negativity of senior party leaders, their efforts are wasted.

As India is coping with the dreaded wave of the Covid-19, will the top Congress leaders at this time stop giving wrong information to the public and causing reckless panic?

JP Nadda wrote in his letter that in the states and union territories where the BJP is in government, we have announced a free vaccine to help the poor and the disadvantaged. Will Congress announce a free vaccine to help such people in their states? Sonia Gandhi had fiercely attacked the Modi government in the party working committee meeting.

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