158 security personnel martyred in past three years due to terrorist attack says defence minister of state (MOS) Ajay Bhatt in parliament

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 28th July. In a written reply to Lok Sabha Member Rahul Kaswanin the state minister of defence Ajay Bhatt. Stated that 158 security personnel were martyred in past three years from 2019 to 2021 up to June due to terrorist attacks around the country. He stated that terrorists carry out violent actions to destabilize the situation in J&K. The Security Forces are combating terrorist activities along the LC by eliminating the infiltration bids and in the hinterland by carrying out Counter Terrorist Operations/responding to Terrorist initiated incidents
The Army carries out periodical review and refinement of the operating procedures and security arrangements of all its camps/garrisons/installations, based on threat assessment and analysis of past incidents. Based on these reviews, suitable drills and procedures are adopted to counter such threats. He also outlined the measures taken to counter the terrorist threats namely appraisal and upgradation of intelligence gathering capabilities, provision of suitable weapons and equipment to soldiers, drills to counter terrorist actions are refined and rehearsed, upgradation of perimeter defence and surveillance capability, timely casualty evacuation and adequacy of medical facilities.
Speaking on the security situation in Jammu Kashmir he stated that situation in J&K is dynamic and ever evolving. Though fragile, the security environment has witnessed significant improvement in past two years and steps are being taken in all domains to effect irreversible damages on terrorist tanzeems and eliminate the scourge of terrorism. However, laying down a time limit for elimination of the last terrorist may not be feasible as Pakistan continues to provide ideological, diplomatic and financial support to proxy war in J&K by infiltrating terrorists into the Valley and smuggling weapons, ammunition & narcotics across the LC including use of drones and other measures.

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