Uttarakhand:Total active cases 55436, total positive cases 5403 with 128 death today

GG News Bureau
Dehradun,3rdMay. Total 55436 active cases, 5403 Total Positive Cases 5403 with 128 death were reported today in Uttarakhand.
Total cumulative Positive COVID-19 detected were 197023. Total Number (%) of COVID-19 Patients Treated/ Cured were134488 (68.26%).
Total Number (%) of COVID-19 patients migrated/ Others: 4169 (2.12%). Total Number (%) of COVID-19 Deaths: 2930 (1.49%).Number of samples found negative for COVID-19 today were 27812.Total number of samples sent for COVID-19 testing today: were 38174.Total number of cumulative samples found negative were 3677655. Total number of samples result awaited: 34316
S +vty Sample Positivity: 5.08% while active Cases were 55.

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