Uttarakhand Covid-19 bulletin: 180 death, 74114 active cases

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 9th May. The covid 19 surge continues in Uttarakhand unabated with 7414 active cases and 180 deaths recorded today as per Health bulleting released by the state government on Sunday. The number of positive cases was 5890 with a sample positivity of 6.02%. The total cumulative Positive COVID-19 detected was 244273. Total number (%) of COVID-19 Patients Treated/ Cured was 161634 (66.17%). The total number (%) of COVID-19 patients migrated/ Others was 4797 (1.96%). The total number (%) of COVID-19 Deaths was 3728 (1.53%). The number of samples found negative for COVID-19 today was 20823. The total number of samples sent for COVID-19 testing today 17579. The total number of cumulative samples found negative was 3812921. The total number of sample result awaited were 23370.

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