Uttarakhand corruption: Two engineers caught taking bribe by the police at Haldwani

Ajay Ramola
GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 8th July. Uttarakhand Vigilance department is continuously taking major action against the corrupt government officials under the guidance of DIG Arun Mohan Joshi. The Haldwani team of vigilance arrested the Executive Engineer (EE) and Assistant Engineer (AE) of National Highway Haldwani in the matter of bribery on Thursday. The vigilance team is interrogating the duo and more people could come under its net in following days.
Vigilance department has sent 4 miscreants to jail within a month. On June 22, an accountant of the health department, who signed the medical reimbursement bill for a policeman in Haridwar, has been sent to jail. In Haridwar itself, the excise inspector was arrested for 35,000 bribes. In continuance to that the vigilance department has taken major action by arresting two NH engineers in Haldwani, today.
In Uttarakhand, vigilance department is in the process of acting against the corrupt officials from the government. While the CBI has been looking sluggish in nabbing the corrupt since past two years and apart from registering bank fraud cases CBI has not taken any action against the high-profile officials. While Uttarakhand has more than 40 major central institutions and it is not that they all are corrupt, but one can say that they are able to continue with the practice of omission and commission specially in the National Highway division of Uttarakhand.
Many contractors without being named have said that the engineers after during submitting the tender take more than week time to open the technical bid and bat for the ctractor who is either close to them or is being favoured bu the touts active in the department for in lieu of hefty commissions. The contractors said that if one does not pay the commission upfront there tenders are rejected on flimsy grounds leaving them in lurch even after they have quoted below the tender amount.

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