UNSG says peace our ‘most fundamental job’

Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau

UNITED NATIONS,15th Sept. UN chief António Guterres said on Wednesday that today “peace is under assault” across communities, countries and regions, as he underscored the need for global solidarity and mutual trust.

Mr. Guterres made the appeal at a ceremony commemorating the International Day of Peace, which is observed annually on 21 September.

He emphasized the interconnectedness of peace with the wellbeing of both humanity and the environment and as a way of addressing challenges ranging from poverty and inequality to biodiversity loss.

Guterres said “For people and planet alike, we can — and we must — push for peace,”.

He stressed that pushing for peace encompassed not only preventing conflicts, but addressing discrimination, supporting sustainable development and expanding opportunities for women and girls.

It also means accelerating the battle against climate change, ending the reliance on fossil fuels and adopting renewable energy, he added.

He said “Now more than ever, we need global solidarity, collective action, commitment and mutual trust. Let us all pledge to be part of this push for peace.”

President of the 78th session of the General Assembly, Dennis Francis reiterated the importance of peace for sustainable development.

“We know that sustainable development and sustainable peace are two sides of the same coin, one cannot be realized without the other,” he said.

Mr. Francis urged everyone to recommit to SDGs ahead of the UNGA summit next week.

“Let us recommit to a world where peace and security are a reality for all,” he concluded

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