Unmasking Priyanka G Vadra: Exposing the Truth Behind Congress & Indira Gandhi’s Legacy!

 Kumar Rakesh
 Kumar Rakesh

Unmasking Priyanka G Vadra: Exposing the Truth Behind Congress & Indira Gandhi’s Legacy!

By Kumar Rakesh

Why does Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, a prominent Congress leader and the wife of a Business man  Robert Vadra, embroiled in multi-crore allegations, shy away from the truth? Not only does she propagate falsehoods, but she also consistently targets PM Narendra Bhai Modi, the widely acclaimed Prime Minister, not just of our nation, but globally. Her rhetoric about Bharat suggests an ownership exclusive to her family, denying others any rightful claim to our nation.

Priyanka G Vadra, during an interview with a TV channel on April 17, condemned the BJP, the Modi government, and the media also. She described the Congress party, including herself, as pure as milk. She also questioned the authority of PM Modi to comment on Former PM Indira Gandhi. She said, ‘Indira Gandhi sacrificed her life for the country, and her family remains dedicated to its service. Therefore, no one has the right to pass judgment on Indira ji or Rajiv ji. It’s simply not their place.’as she claimed.

The irony lies in the legacy of hereditary power and the audacity it breeds. Priyanka G Vadra should contemplate her party’s corruption, her party leader & mother Sonia Gandhi, brother Rahul Gandhi, and the incumbent president Mallikarjun Kharge. All of them face allegations in multi-billion dollar scams of Herald cases & others , pending in courts. Even her husband, Robert Vadra, is accused in land scams worth thousands of crores INR. Yet, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra shows no remorse. What kind of leader are you? What is your persona?

Priyanka G Vadra should know Bharat’s essence is the triumph of truth.Truth Must Prevails. Where falsehoods hold no sway. Whether it’s your family or other new supporters like Arvind Kejriwal and his politics of lies.In politics, integrity and patriotism should prevail. It’s a plea to you to refrain from duplicitous conduct. You should realize that Bharat is a democracy, not a monarchy as your party always thinks since the last more than 70 years. Therefore, think before you speak. Your deceitful actions have kept the Congress out of power for the past decade and might continue to do so for the next twenty years more. Your ally & NC Leader Omar Abdullah has already announced that the opposition should not aim for central power until 2029.

Priyanka G Vadra should reflect on the corruption within her party, her party’s top leaders, her mother Sonia Gandhi, and brother Rahul Gandhi .All are accused in multi-billion dollar scandals. These cases date back to before 2014. Even Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi has neither  involvement in these cases nor his party. With these recent scandals,you should also discuss many scandals in the regime of Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi,Mamohan Singh too.

Leader like Priyanka should also focus  for the untimely demise of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and the murky circumstances surrounding it.She can raise the proper issues related with death of great leader of Shastri ji in Tashkent,if she is real & honest politician as she claims many times.Priyanka should also raise & share the core issues & main reasons of untimely death of our PM Indira ji & Rajiv ji.

Priyanka should share her thoughts before the public about the  repercussions of the 1971 Indo-Pak War and its aftermath? Who was accountable for the Emergency in Bharat from 1975-77? During that period, ordinary citizens were treated as cattle. Who introduced the term “Secular” against the original spirit of the Constitution of Bharat  through the unnecessary 42nd amendment during the Emergency? Many politicians assert that this was Nehru’s aspiration, rejected by the Original Constituent Assembly but fulfilled by his daughter 26 years later!Priyabka should own all odds with evens too.if she has courage.She should share his great info & knowledge about why Bharat had given two names India that is Bharat,Bharat that is India,why? As mature politicians ,you should also enlighten us why muslims were allowed to live in Bharat after taking care of partition in the name of Islam,i.e.Pakistan.

Priyanka G Vadra, it’s a matter of concern and reflection for you how secularism and appeasement can coexist?  Your party and government have practiced it, leading to the Hindu majority community in the world’s only Hindu-majority nation feeling oppressed. Before that, during Indira Gandhi’s tenure, several injustices were imposed on Hindus.Even to adding that drama,your husband recently visited the Banke Bihari Temple,Vrindavan,Mathura,adorned with a tilak and garland. What religion does he adhere to? Indira Gandhi wore rudraksha beads, yet she wasn’t Hindu. Neither are you, your brother, nor your mother. Your marriage also took place in a Christian family. Rahul Gandhi doesn’t even dare criticize Maa Shakti. Rahul feels ashamed to call our country BHARAT MAATA.Yet, you all engage in religious theatrics. Now tell me, do you have any moral authority to comment on Hindutva? So,You should announce with all authority that you are hindu or not.

How long will you continue to deceive and mislead the Bhartiya public, especially the  Hindu society in majority in Bharat? We are no longer fools, especially under the assurance of Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi. As Sri Modi has shown his credentials many times at many occasions  that he is Hindu & believe in all rituals of Hindu dharma.Due to Modi government,Jammu & Kashmir is really part of Bhart now.Due to long efforts by his party BJP & government,we have own pride like Sri Ram Janam Bhoomi Temple after 497 years in Ayodhaya,as your mother,brother & your new yes man president Mr Kharge & others  refused to attend inauguration of Sri Ram Lalla Temple on 22nd Jan this year despite invitation by concern trust. I think you have no moral right  to make any comment on the issue of Hindus as well as Nationalism.

So, I think a leader like you has no meaning in the politics of vibrant new Bharat ,as our Hindus awakened now. We will not be deceived anymore, as you and other Congress Leaders have Lost Guarantee in public ,as now they have lot of faith and trust in the GUARANTEE OF MODI NOT YOU.Hope in future,you will speak truth only without deceiving sensitive  public of Bharat with no play with sentiments of hindu society.

*Kumar Rakesh, Sr Journalist, Writer, Political Analyst, Broadcaster has been active in journalism and writing for approximately 35 years. He has worked in several esteemed media organizations in Bharat and has been instrumental in creating 9 TV news channels in the country. Through his career, he has had the opportunity to travel to over 50 countries, reporting and writing on various topics. Mr. Rakesh has received numerous accolades and honors both in Bharat and internationally for his contributions to the field of Media &Communications. Currently, he has been serving as the Editorial Chairman of Global Governance News Group &Samagra Bharat Media Group, New Delhi & 18 countries.
For any queries, please contact him – at krakesh8@gmail.com

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