Today Might be the Peak of Second Wave of Corona Cases in the Country

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 7th May. Panic has been created in the entire country due to Coronavirus. Everyone is scared due to the increasing pace of corona cases in the country Meanwhile Mathematical Modeling Expert Professor M. Vidyasagar has said that the second wave of Corona might be on peak today, which is 7th of May. He further explained that in the last days of this week, corona cases will start to decrease.

But the second wave of corona will be at different extremes in different states. In such a situation, this wave of corona is either at the peak or is very close to it. Talking about the situation in various states, Prof. Vidyasagar said, ‘Corona peak will be at different times in different states and there may be a decrease in their cases as seen in Maharashtra.

He further said that it is expected that the total corona case of India will be on the peak this week, 10 states of India will be on the peak in more than 10-15 days. From there, cases will also start to reduce.

There is a possibility that the faster the second wave is up, the faster it will also come down. At the same time, Vidyasagar said that in the last days of May, there may be around 1.2 lakh cases per day in India. However, this does not mean that the cases here will be reduced to zero.

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