TMC Leader Shibu Hazra Faces Another Rape Case


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New Delhi, 24th Feb. 
The nation as a whole is furious about the rape and harassment of women. Amidst all this, there is news that now another rape case has been registered against a close aide of Shahjahan Sheikh, the powerful leader of the ruling Trinamool Congress. TMC Chief Shivprasad Hazra, also known as Shibu, and Shaikh’s close aide have already been taken into custody. The complainant’s statement was obtained at the Basirhat Division Court. A gang rape case was previously filed against Shibu. This time, the court has received a second complaint. This new complaint has been made against three people, including Shibu, according to police sources. Sandeshkhali-2 block’s Trinamool president at the time was Shibu Hazra.

Last Saturday, he was taken into custody from the Nyazat police station area. For years, women in the area have accused him of raping them. Shahjahan, the leader of the TMC, is still at large. He eluded the police’s arrest. It has been reported that the Sandeshkhali resident who met with National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma has lodged a complaint against the TMC leader. The police station in Sandeshkhali has a new case on file. Sharma had just arrived in Sandeshkhali. He had insisted on having the President rule West Bengal.

Calcutta High Court expressed surprise over Shahjahan not being arrested

The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday expressed surprise over the non-arrest of one TMC leader with criminal background from Sandeshkhali, Shahjahan Sheikh. Chief Justice T.S. The division bench headed by Shivagananam on Tuesday raised questions on the working style of Bengal Police and said that a lot of things appear suspicious. The bench said, “It is quite surprising that the person who is being said to be the root cause of this problem has still not been caught and is on the run, breaking the law.”


The bench said that the court does not know whether he enjoys protection or not, the fact is that he has not been caught. “It could mean that the state police machinery does not have the means to apprehend him or (he) is beyond the jurisdiction of the state police,” the court said while hearing the state government’s appeal challenging the single bench order. It is outside.” The division bench said that a single bench of Justice Apoorva Sinha Roy had on February 12 taken suo motu cognizance of the allegations of sexual harassment at gunpoint and forcibly snatching forest land. The division bench had said the court can take judicial cognizance of the fact that the problem arose after the Enforcement Directorate searched the premises of North 24 Parganas Zilla Parishad Chief Shahjahan Sheikh in Sandeshkhali on January 5. It said that the state police have not been able to arrest Shahjahan even though several cases have been registered against him. He is accused of being attacked by ED officials when they conducted a search operation.

President’s rule imposed in Bengal: Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Central Working President and senior advocate Alok Kumar said on Wednesday that the barbarity of Sandeshkhali and the protection, support and patronage given to him by the state government has made it clear that there is no longer the rule of the Constitution but of anarchy and barbarity. Therefore, the President’s rule should be imposed there to provide justice to the victims and to curb anarchy.

Heart-breaking facts revealed in the investigation

Alok Kumar said that heart-wrenching facts have come to light in the investigation. It came to light that Sheikh Shahjahan rules in Sandeshkhali, not the police or the government. He forcibly occupies people’s lands and they have no way out. The Women’s Commission and its Chairperson have themselves investigated this matter. The High Court there has also investigated this subject and after investigation it came to light that Shahjahan and his supporters had free hand to sexually harass and rape the women. The situation was so horrific that even FIRs of the victims were not registered. The situation had become such that if they liked a girl, they would send a message to the girl’s family asking them to drop her to the party office. The family, struck with terror, would leave their daughter there with them and bring her back when they received the next message.

Mamta government is able to run the state according to the constitution

Chairperson of the Women’s Commission has said in her statement that she has received 18 complaints related to sexual exploitation of women, out of which two complaints are of rape. According to the leader of the VHP, Mamata Banerjee needs to think about whether the law is being upheld there. Given the gravity of the allegations, is it appropriate to impose President’s rule in Bengal or can the current government operate the state in accordance with the Constitution?

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