Taiwan’s Capital Rattled by Strong Earthquake


GG News Bureau
Talpei, 22nd April. 
Taiwan’s capital experienced tremors as a “strong” earthquake struck early Monday evening, originating in eastern Hualien, reported AFP staff. The Central Weather Administration confirmed it as a magnitude-5.5 quake, sending ripples through the region, still reeling from a recent major quake on April 3.

The April 3 earthquake, measuring magnitude-7.4, wreaked havoc in Hualien, triggering landslides and causing significant damage to buildings in the main city. The aftermath claimed at least 17 lives, with recovery efforts ongoing, and the latest body discovered on April 13 in a quarry.

Monday’s tremor, felt in the capital Taipei, occurred around 5:08 pm local time (0908 GMT), with the US Geological Survey registering it at magnitude 5.3 and a depth of 8.9 kilometers. Witnesses described it as one of the strongest since the earlier quake, highlighting the ongoing vulnerability of the region.

Responding swiftly, Hualien’s fire department dispatched teams to assess any potential damage caused by the earthquake, assuring continued vigilance and timely reporting of updates.

Taiwan, located at the convergence of two tectonic plates, frequently experiences seismic activity. The series of aftershocks following the April 3 quake has exacerbated concerns, causing rockfalls and further disrupting the region.

Comparisons have been drawn to Taiwan’s deadliest natural disaster in 1999, when a magnitude-7.6 quake claimed the lives of 2,400 people. However, the implementation of stricter building regulations and heightened disaster preparedness measures have mitigated the impact of recent seismic events, preventing a more severe catastrophe.

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