Salt Assembly By-elections Unites BJP Party Workers but leaves Congress in turmoil

BD Kasniyal
GG News Bureau
Pithoragarh, 4th May. On one hand, the victory in Salt assembly by-elections has united BJP rank and file who are now targeting assembly elections scheduled for 2022 with renewed vigour, but on the other, the Congress with the defeat is in turmoil triggering the voice of dissent against the leaders who acted against the Assembly candidate in the party.
“It was really a semifinal for congress, looking for revival before the 2022 assembly elections and had galvanized the party workers bringing in some positive momentum among the party workers but the margin defeat in the by-election which was higher than the previous election has spoiled the game for the party. “said LL Verma, a retired Political science professor of Kumaun University and political analyst.
According to BJP leaders, the victory in the Salt by-poll was tireless efforts of BJP workers and leadership besides the development works done by the party in that constituency.
“We do not have time to involve in useless political gossips, our workers are now in election mode and gearing up to win 2022 assembly elections with higher margins than 2017,” said Kedar Datt Joshi, a senior BJP leader
Our leadership and workers have proved that with dedication and committed work, every election can be won. The party workers are in high spirits with the win in the Salt assembly seat, added Kedar Datt Joshi.
In congress, several leaders attributed the defeat to sympathy votes in favour of the BJP and factionalism by some senior leaders who did not work for congress and were seen working against the party during the by-election.
” Our vote share has increased from 2017 election which indicates that anti-incumbency wave worked in our favour but due to the sympathy vote that arose due to death of Surendra Sigh Jeena, who was the BJP MLA from Salt, resulted in more votes for his brother Mahesh Singh Jeena whom BJP had fielded as their candidate impacted Congress prospects here,” said Devendra Yadav, a state in charge of Congress party.
” While top congress leader Harish Rawat was involved in the campaign despite been recently discharged from IIMS where he had undergone treatment for Covid 19 virus, some other leaders did not take part in the campaign but released some videos that became viral resulting in the congress defeat, “said Mathura Datt Joshi, chief state spokesperson of the party.
“The Twitter war is on in social media, demanding the ouster of such leaders who worked against the Congress party. The workers are demanding the ouster of such leaders from the party as it would damage the party prospects in 2022 assembly elections. “said Joshi.
Ranjit Rawat is alleged to have remained neutral in the election, as congress high command had not given a ticket to his son Vikram Rawat, said, political pundits.
Some congress workers have said that if former Salt MLA and Vice president of congress party Ranjit Singh Rawat had campaigned for the party it would have won the bye-election. The congress candidate was defeated with a margin of 4697 votes in this bye-election while her defeat was with 2904 votes in the 2017 Assembly elections.
BJP candidate Mahesh Jeena polled a total of 21874 votes while Congress candidate Ganga Pancholi polled 17177 Votes, the margin of victory for the BJP candidate remained at 4697 votes.

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