Results for Local Body Elections in Derby will come today; Fate of Two Uttarakhand Residents will be decided

GG News Bureau

Derby, 7th May. The fate of Jai Prakash Joshi of Tehri and Gaurav of Bageshwar, who are contesting as a counselor in the Municipal Elections in the city of Derby, England, will be decided today. Today the election result will come. Jai Prakash Joshi is the candidate of the ruling Conservative Party. Three other candidates are in the fray against him.

Jai Prakash Joshi, resident of Ghansali in Tehri district of Uttarakhand and Gaurav of Bageshwar are also trying their luck in the local body elections to be held in Derby, London on Thursday. A total of four candidates are in the fray against the ruling Conservative Party candidate Joshi. His main contest is against the candidate of the opposition Labor Party. This is Joshi’s fourth counselor election. Joshi is also associated with Uttarakhand’s regional party UKD.

Jai prakash Joshi has been living in London for 17 years. He previously worked in a hotel and is currently employed in a company in the rank of quality auditor. He joined the party four years ago, following the principles of the Conservative Party that supported Britain’s separation from the European League. Prior to this he was associated with the UK Independent Party. He contested the counselor in the local body thrice, though not yet a success. This time also he is a Counselor candidate from the Sinfin and Osmaston Ward of the city of Derby.

Gaurav Pandey, a resident of village Chami in Bageshwar district, has contested the London body elections. He is facing a former mayor of Derby. Gaurav received his education from Jammu. He then moved to London. 44 year old Gaurav’s father Late. Harish Pandey retired from MES, while Mata Manjula Pandey is a housewife.

He is a Counselor candidate for the Conservative Party from Mackworth & Morley Ward in the body elections being held in London. He has been associated with the ruling party of Britain, the Conservative, for the last four years. His position in the election to be held on Thursday is said to be quite strong. Gaurav is contesting against a former mayor of Derby, with five candidates in his opposition. Gaurav’s maternal uncle lives here at the Hookah Club in Almora. Gaurav visited Almora in 2017.

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