Raging Counter Question of Union Minister Gowda Over Various Allegations of Vaccine Shortage

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 13th May. Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Sadanand Gowda enraged at the question asked about the lack of vaccine in the country. He was asked questions regarding vaccine shortage by some journalists in Bangalore. To this, he counter questioned the journalist whether those sitting in the government should hang themselves due to failure in vaccine production? BJP General Secretary C.T. Ravi said that if the arrangements were not in the place, there would have been 10 times more deaths.

Gowda told reporters, ‘The court has said with good intent that everybody in the country should get vaccinated. I want to ask you that if the court says tomorrow that you have to give so much (vaccines) and if it cannot be made, should we hang ourselves? On questions of vaccine shortage, the Union Minister emphasized the action plan of the government and said that its decisions are not guided by any political gains or any other reason.

Gowda said that the government has been doing its work with honesty and integrity and some shortcomings have come to light during that time. He asked, can we manage things that are beyond our control? He clarified that the government is doing its best to ensure that things improve and people get vaccinated in a day or two.

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