Provide Assistance to the Needy While Maintaining Patience and Morale: Governor Ms. Ansuiya Uike

GG News Bureau

Raipur, 13th May. Governor Ms. Ansuiya Uike addressed a webinar organized by MATS University today and said, “Public cooperation along with the government is very necessary to overcome any major crisis. She appealed to everyone to get vaccinated.

Chhattisgarh Governor Ms. Ansuiya Uike today addressed a webinar organized by MATS University on the fight against ‘Covid-19 and the role of youth in the near future’. Addressing this webinar, Governor Ms. Uike said that not only the country is struggling but the whole world is struggling due to the Covid.

She said that there is no sure shot cure and medicine yet. In such a situation, our determination, self-confidence and positive thinking can play an important role in overcoming this disease. During this pandemic, it is our collective responsibility and duty that we all co-operate to overcome this crisis.”

In order to provide relief and facilities to the needy people of the society affected by this crisis, social institutions, political parties should work with the administration. It is a time of trying to save human life by rising above party politics. In fact, this is the real moment of the test of humanity and selflessness. Today there is a need to make people aware about vaccination to prevent the pandemic and university students, teachers and professors can play an important role in it.

Governor Ms. Uike said that the University management and students are doing commendable work during the Covid crisis. There is also a need to issue a helpline to help the needy people. Universities and social organizations can help people even better with helpline numbers. She said that the whole world is struggling with this crisis of corona infection. Every class has been affected by this pandemic.

Social, economic, political, educational, commercial, industrial sectors are affected by the epidemic and in this period of crisis there is a need to take the right decision at the right time and this is only possible with awareness. She said that in order to completely eliminate the corona, every person should take a pledge that they will inevitably use masks, clean hands frequently, maintain hygiene and follow social distancing. Along with this, eligible people will help in getting rid of this epidemic by administering vaccines. They will play their important role in keeping their family, society, state and nation safe with themselves.

Governor Ms. Uike said that now people are becoming aware of the vaccine and confusion is also being reduced. Everyday millions of people are being vaccinated and the vaccine is the biggest achievement not only in India but in the whole world. India has also become the fastest vaccinating country in the world. She said that even after getting the vaccine, we need to take complete care.

We should also inform people to get the test done as soon as the corona symptoms appear and until the test report comes, keep yourself isolated and start treatment if the report comes positive. Governor Ms. Uike also released the university brochure.

The Governor, Ms. Uike, appreciated the actions of professors and students of MATS University by congratulating them on making people aware of the pandemic through posters, slogans, and audio-video graphics.

In the webinar, Mr. Gajraj Pagaria of MATS University, while addressing the webinar, gave information about the work done in Covid Crisis through online classes, webinars etc. On this occasion, Vice-Chancellors of MATS University along with assistant professors and students also participated virtually.

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