Prime Minister Modi’s Journey: From Ground Realities to Global Vision

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 22nd May. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an exclusive interview with NDTV’s Editor-in-Chief Sanjay Pugalia, shared insights into the formative experiences that have shaped both his personal and political journey. From humble beginnings to the corridors of power, Modi’s trajectory reflects a deep-rooted connection with the grassroots and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Modi reminisced about his extensive travels across India, traversing more than 90% of the country’s districts before venturing into politics. His experiences included train journeys in general class coaches, rides in trucks, and explorations around the world. These encounters with diverse realities, he noted, provided invaluable insights into the aspirations and challenges of ordinary citizens, grounding him in the realities of the world.

Drawing from his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat for twelve and a half years, Modi highlighted the importance of his state governance experience in shaping his approach to governance at the Centre. He emphasized the significance of understanding public aspirations and navigating the complexities of governance, underscoring his commitment to continuous learning.

Modi further revealed his proactive approach to seeking inspiration and new ideas, engaging in workshops across various sectors to inform policy-making, both before and after budgetary exercises. His openness to learning from diverse sources, including academia, bureaucracy, and international experiences, underscores his adaptive leadership style and commitment to innovation.

Sharing anecdotes from his travels abroad, Modi highlighted instances where unique ideas observed overseas were implemented back home, demonstrating his keenness to incorporate global best practices into Indian policies and initiatives.

In the wide-ranging conversation, Modi outlined his vision for India’s future, expressed confidence in the ruling BJP’s electoral prospects, and addressed criticisms leveled by the opposition. With the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, Modi aims for a historic third term, underlining his vision for a resurgent and inclusive India.

As the electoral process unfolds over six weeks in seven phases, culminating on June 1, all eyes are on the outcome, with results expected on June 4. For Prime Minister Modi, the journey continues, fueled by a relentless pursuit of progress and a commitment to serving the nation’s aspirations.

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