PM Modi’s Address in Varanasi Highlights Importance of Women Empowerment

GG News Bureau
Varanasi, 22nd May.
 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address in Varanasi on Tuesday during the ‘Nari Shakti Samvad Program’ not only highlighted his deep-rooted connection with the holy city but also shed light on the crucial role of women in policymaking and nation-building.

His poignant remark about missing his mother’s blessings during his nomination filing from Varanasi resonated with many, symbolizing a personal touch amid the political fervor. Modi’s reference to ‘Maa Ganga’ as his adoptive mother further emphasized the spiritual and cultural significance of Varanasi in his life and governance ethos.

Beyond personal anecdotes, Modi’s address struck a chord by recognizing the pivotal role of women in shaping India’s destiny. By bringing women to the forefront of policymaking, he acknowledged their indispensable contribution to the nation’s progress. His assertion that neglecting women’s empowerment was a historical oversight by previous governments, particularly targeting the Congress and SP, resonated with his narrative of inclusive governance and empowerment.

In criticizing the INDI Alliance’s opposition to women’s reservations, Modi highlighted a fundamental ideological difference, positioning his government as the champion of gender equality and women’s rights. His commitment to transforming women’s ‘Shakti’ into ‘mahashakti’ reflects a proactive stance towards gender empowerment, promising tangible outcomes beyond rhetoric.

Moreover, Modi’s reaffirmation of his dedication to public service and problem-solving resonated with his image as a tireless leader driven by a sense of duty towards all citizens. His focus on addressing the concerns of every individual, irrespective of gender or background, reinforces his narrative of governance centered on the welfare of the masses.

As Varanasi gears up for another electoral battle, Modi’s appeal to voters to support him for a third consecutive term underscores the trust he has garnered among the electorate. With the upcoming polls slated for June 1 and the counting scheduled for June 4, Modi’s message of continuity and progress resonates strongly, positioning him as a steadfast leader committed to delivering results.

In essence, Modi’s address in Varanasi encapsulates not only a political campaign but also a vision for an inclusive and empowered India, where the voices and contributions of women are central to the nation’s success story.

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