Congress Counters Modi’s “Five PMs in Five Years” Claim, Cites UPA’s Two Full Terms under Manmohan Singh

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 22nd May. 
Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remark about “five PMs in five years” by highlighting the stability of the UPA government under one PM, Manmohan Singh, who completed two full terms.

In a press conference, Kharge refuted Modi’s claim, emphasizing that the UPA government had the support of various parties and successfully completed two terms in office.

Kharge praised Manmohan Singh’s leadership, crediting him with steering the country’s economy during his tenure. He contrasted Singh’s tenure with what he termed as the BJP’s inaction during their own time in power.

Addressing questions about the opposition’s choice for PM face, Kharge stated that the decision would be made collectively by the INDIA alliance partners after the elections.

He criticized the BJP for questioning the opposition’s lack of a prominent leader, recalling similar doubts raised during the Vajpayee era.

Kharge expressed confidence in the growing strength of the INDIA bloc in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, asserting that the alliance would prevent the Modi government from returning to power.

Responding to accusations about endangering the Constitution, Kharge pointed to previous statements by RSS leaders and BJP members about amending the Constitution.

He slammed the BJP for failing to address job vacancies and alleged dilution of reservation policies, accusing them of weakening constitutional provisions.

Kharge also accused the BJP of undermining autonomous bodies and criticized Modi’s alleged divisive rhetoric against minorities.

Asserting the opposition’s growing influence across various states, Kharge claimed that the NDA was losing ground while the opposition was gaining momentum.

In his speeches at rallies in Chandigarh and Haryana, Kharge continued his critique of Modi, accusing him of spreading falsehoods and neglecting development issues.

Kharge, alongside former Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, reiterated his attack on the BJP’s governance record, particularly in addressing unemployment in Haryana.

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