PM Modi Hails Increased Haj Quota, Easier Visa Process for Indian Muslims


GG News Bureau
Aligarh, 22nd April. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the recent increase in the Haj quota by Saudi Arabia during a public rally in Aligarh, emphasizing his government’s efforts to facilitate pilgrimage for Indian Muslims.

PM Modi highlighted the improvement in visa procedures, making the process more seamless for Haj pilgrims.

Addressing the gathering, PM Modi underscored the significance of the decision, stating, “Earlier, due to less Haj quota, there used to be a lot of fighting and bribery was also prevalent there… I had requested the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to increase the Haj quota for our Muslim brothers and sisters in India.”

He expressed satisfaction that his appeal had led to an expansion of India’s Haj quota and simplification of visa regulations.

PM Modi further noted the government’s initiatives to fulfill the aspirations of Muslim women, enabling them to undertake the Haj pilgrimage without a ‘Mehram’ (male guardian). He recounted the joy of witnessing the fulfillment of thousands of sisters’ dreams to perform Haj.

The increase in the Haj quota for Indian pilgrims to 200,000 was announced by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in response to PM Modi’s request during his visit to the country in 2019. The Bilateral Haj Agreement 2024, signed in January this year, solidified arrangements for the pilgrimage, allocating quotas and streamlining procedures.

According to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the agreement ensures a total quota of 1,75,025 pilgrims from India for Haj 2024, with 1,40,020 seats reserved for pilgrims through the Haj Committee of India. This move is expected to benefit first-time pilgrims, while additional seats are allocated for pilgrims through Haj Group Operators.

The announcement resonates deeply with millions of Muslims worldwide, for whom the Haj pilgrimage holds immense spiritual significance. It symbolizes a sacred journey of devotion, unity, and spiritual renewal.

As the electoral process unfolds, the sentiments expressed by PM Modi are likely to resonate with voters, particularly in Aligarh Lok Sabha constituency, set to go to polls in the upcoming phases alongside other constituencies in Uttar Pradesh.

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