Plastic surgery day observed at AAIMS Rishikesh

GG News Bureau
Rishikesh/Dehradun,15th July.  Plastic Surgery Day was observed at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh, on Thursday which was attended by experts from the hospital.
The experts of the Institute explained various aspects of plastic surgery and presented lectures on the latest techniques of plastic surgery available in the hospital. Speaking on the occasion, AIIMS Director Padma Shri Prof. Ravi Kant said that the Department of Burn and Plastic Medicine of the Institute has specialists who are continuously serving the patients. He said that plastic therapy is a system of medicine in which a person injured in any accident can be treated to a great extent or less completely if he gets timely treatment for the physical damage. In addition to this the organs can be revived in case of dissection in an accident. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Rakesh Kalra , a renowned plastic surgeon from Dehradun, said that this system of medicine was first introduced in India by Maharishi Sushruta. He briefed the MBBS students at the Institute on various methods of plastic surgery and medicine.
He briefed the MBBS students at the Institute on various methods of plastic medicine. Prof. Manoj Gupta jDean at the Institute provided important information on plastic surgery available in the hospital. He said that the treatment is being provided at AIIMS to patients injured in accidents, burns etc. Dr. Vishal Mago, Head, Department of Plastic Surgery informed about the medical services being provided by the department to the patients. In which he informed that microvascular reconstructive cleft surgery, hand surgery, bracial plexus surgery, aesthetic surgery, aesthetic facial surgery and facial nerve paralysis reconstruction craniofacial surgery etc are done . He said that in case of any accident, if the injured person is rushed to the hospital in due course, the inured part can be saved by plastic therapy. Dr. Balram Omar, Dr. Deorati Chattopadhyay, Dr. Madhuvari Vathula, Dr. Satyashree, nursing staff and MBBS students were present at the event.

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