Petition Filed in Bombay High Court Requesting Z plus Security to Adar Poonawala

GG News Bureau

Mumbai, 6th May. A petition has been filed in the Bombay High Court to provide Z Plus protection to Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute. Currently, he has Y-class security and is based in the UK.

The CEO of Serum Institute, Adar Poonawala, was provided CRPF ‘Y’ category security by the Government of India. The Home Ministry had issued orders for this. An order of the Union Home Ministry said that CRPF security personnel will protect him all over the country.

The central government took the decision after Prakash Kumar Singh, director of government and regulation work at Pune-based SII, wrote a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah on 16 April requesting protection to Poonawala. In his letter, Singh had written that Poonawala is receiving threats from various groups regarding the supply of Covid-19 vaccine.

Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute, the manufacturer of the anti-corona vaccine Covishield, himself had said that he was being threatened by powerful people of the country for the vaccine. So, he will not be returning to India from the UK right now.

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