Oxygen Crisis: Supreme Court’s Strict Order to Center, “Put Failed Officers in jail or be ready for Contempt of Court”

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 5th May. Amid growing cases of corona, there has been a shortage for oxygen throughout the country including the capital Delhi. The case of the ongoing oxygen crisis in the country’s capital Delhi has now reached the Supreme Court. The central government on Wednesday challenged the Delhi High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court on the oxygen crisis, which was heard by the Supreme Court.

In the Supreme Court, Justice Chandrachud questioned how much oxygen you have given to Delhi. Also, how did the Center say in the High Court that the Supreme Court did not order 700 MT oxygen supply to Delhi. The central government told the court that there was not much demand for oxygen before April, but now it has suddenly increased. Delhi needs 450 MT of oxygen.

The Supreme Court said, “It is the responsibility of the Center to obey the order. Put the failed officers in jail or be prepared for contempt, but this will not get oxygen to Delhi, it will be available only by working.”

There was a hearing in the Delhi High Court regarding the oxygen crisis in the capital. The Delhi High Court on Tuesday issued a notice to the central government in the case of oxygen crisis. After this, the Central Government moved to the Supreme Court and had appealed to hear the matter today. On the appeal of the Central Government, the matter was heard by a bench of Justice Chandrachud in the Supreme Court.

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