Opposition’s Unity Wanes, Paving Way for BJP’s Smooth 2024 Campaign


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 6th Feb. 
These days, it’s popular politics to fantasize about toppling the current central government. All the regional parties, even the Congress, which is engaged in opposition politics at the Centre, are reciting the call to collaborate. However, given the country’s current political landscape, it is natural to wonder whether opposition political parties will be together given the present scenario. The fact that each party is attempting to determine how many seats should go to which person also raises this question. The Congress is currently faced with an extremely challenging situation in this regard. Due to the fact that regional parties are not placing any value on the Congress, even though Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has embarked on a new political quest to preserve the organization. This is a result of Congress’s internal political dynamics. Considering that neither their leaders’ actions nor their knowledge of their actual circumstances are appropriate. Because of this, regional parties now hold greater sway than Congress.

Congress seeks out regional parties’ support

In actuality, Congress is seeking the support of local parties, and at this point, it appears that Congress is utterly incapable of realizing this. It appears that the Bharatiya Janata Party government is headed toward regaining power at the center, given the current political developments in the nation. This is also a result of the Bharatiya populace’s growing attachment to the government’s work. This is the reason why a major issue has emerged in the opposition political parties’ attempts to unite in order to prevent the BJP from gaining power in the nation. Congress has begun to establish a good rapport with all regional parties, which has also led to the emergence of this problem. Regional political parties may argue that this is necessary to preserve their existence, but the reality is that Congress has currently grown incredibly ineffective. As a result, no party is willing to allocate congressional seats in accordance with its preferences.

Congress’s hopes were crushed by Nitish

On the one hand, Mamata Banerjee is unwilling to grant the Congress seats given the current circumstances in West Bengal. The Samajwadi Party does not want to give the Congress party any more seats, not even in Uttar Pradesh. Nitish Kumar’s relentless pursuit of the Indi alliance has dashed the hopes of the Congress in Bihar. Evidently, the opposition unity alliance has taken a serious hit as a result of this political development. It is notable that Nitish Kumar forging his own political route after becoming a major figurehead for the opposition alliance’s unity, despite Congress’s lack of regard for him.

Opposition parties face significant challenges in maintaining unity

The opposition parties are currently dealing with a plethora of obstacles that will make it difficult for them to stay united while still trying to survive politically. In terms of opposition unity, it is undeniable that more words are being spoken in light of the current circumstances. Through one way or another, all of the opposition parties are expressing their goals. In an attempt to preserve their individuality, regional parties, including Congress, are winking at one another . This makes one thing abundantly evident: No party is in a position to accept the leadership of Congress by consensus. However, it appears that Congress is behaving as though its party is paramount.

Punjab and Bengal also started to pose problems for the Congress

It isn’t hyperbole to presume that Congress won’t be able to perform as well in these states if we examine the political voices of West Bengal and Punjab. This is additionally conceivable given that Mamata Banerjee is rooted and powerful in West Bengal and will not endeavor to diminish her power elsewhere. She lacks political support outside of West Bengal. In Punjab, the same is true of the Aam Aadmi Party. These two parties want to maintain their significant influence in these states.

Congress will need to adopt a more flexible stance

Even though the Congress is currently working to bring the opposition together, these efforts cannot succeed unless the Congress accepts other political parties and their goals, which is not feasible given the Congress’s current mindset. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar and one of the alliance’s original architects, has moved toward the BJP, which can be seen as a serious setback to the unity of the opposition. This is being done under the presumption that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s popularity has grown.

The significant role that the BJP played in building the Ram temple

While the court may have given the order to build the Ram temple in Ayodhya, the entire nation is now aware of the BJP’s role in this. It would be accurate to describe the current state of Bihar politics as lacking ideological coherence between Rashtriya Janata Dal and Janata Dal United, despite the fact that the government was formed by a mismatched alliance between these two parties. Each party continued to work on preparing their own pulses. Additionally, it is said that Lalu Prasad Yadav began playing politics by designating his son to be the Chief Minister.

 Political support for Congress is rapidly declining.

A similar situation exists in Uttar Pradesh, where the Congress party’s political base is rapidly declining. Under such circumstances, Samajwadi Party will not accord Congress the priority it desires. In summary, it can be stated that significant impediments are gradually being created to the attempts being made to bring the opposition together. Unity would be necessary to muster the courage to face these challenges, but that doesn’t seem possible right now.

There are initiatives to bring the opposition together

It appears that attempts to bring the opposition together are failing. The Congress made the self-sabotage of missing Lord Shri Ram’s Pran Pratistha program, which is a major flaw in the organization. Any political party would be foolish to deny the direct relationship that the people of Bharat have with Lord Ram. Political parties in opposition must respect Bharat’s faith if they hope to advance in politics; if not, they should brace themselves for a scenario akin to the one that occurred previously.


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