Modi Govt Addressed 70 Years of Shortcomings in 10 Years: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah Addresses Nation on India's Security Strategy and Achievements


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 6th Feb. 
Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday delivered a pivotal lecture titled “Security Beyond Tomorrow: Forging India’s Resilient Future” in New Delhi, shedding light on India’s robust security framework under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the event, he also inaugurated the ‘ORF Foreign Policy Survey.’

Shah, in his address, highlighted the remarkable strides India has taken in bolstering internal security over the past decade. He emphasized the significant policy changes implemented during this period, marking a historic transformation in ensuring internal security, unprecedented since independence.

The launch of the ‘ORF Foreign Policy Survey-2023’ was celebrated by Shah as a testament to the government’s success in making complex subjects like foreign policy accessible to the masses. Notably, the survey revealed an overwhelming 86 percent approval rating for India’s foreign policy initiatives.

The Home Minister hailed India’s diplomatic triumphs, citing the successful hosting of the G20 summit and the adoption of the Delhi Declaration, which showcased India’s global leadership and commitment to fostering cooperation on key issues like climate change and sustainable development.

Looking ahead, Shah underscored the significance of the upcoming elections in 40 democratic nations, including India, where approximately 3.3 billion people will cast their votes. He expressed confidence in India’s democratic process, lauding it as a beacon of democracy globally.

Underlining Prime Minister Modi’s global stature, Shah described India as a solution-oriented nation, actively engaged in addressing pressing global challenges such as terrorism and climate change. He emphasized India’s emergence as a trusted ally and a leading voice in the international community.

Reflecting on the achievements of the Modi government, Shah outlined significant socio-economic advancements, including India’s status as the fastest-growing economy, lifting millions out of poverty, and fostering political stability and good governance.

Shah credited the government’s robust security policies for the dramatic reduction in violent incidents and casualties, particularly in regions affected by terrorism and left-wing extremism.

He highlighted landmark decisions such as the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, paving the way for inclusive development and constitutional rights for the region’s residents.

Furthermore, Shah detailed the government’s initiatives in resolving conflicts and promoting development in Northeast India, showcasing a holistic approach toward fostering peace and stability in the region.

In conclusion, Shah reaffirmed the government’s commitment to national security, border integrity, and inclusive development, outlining a vision for a secure and prosperous India under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The comprehensive lecture by Union Home Minister Amit Shah marked a significant milestone in India’s journey toward ensuring internal security and fostering global cooperation, setting the stage for a resilient and prosperous future.

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