No one’s father can arrest Baba Ramdev, says Mahua Moitra

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 27th May. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is currently in the eye of the storm for his controversial statements and is being targeted by the political parties and various left leaning organisations.

A video of Baba Ramdev’s arrest is going viral on social media in which he is seen saying that even his father cannot arrest him.

Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra cornered Ramdev and the government over Baba’s statement. Moitra attacked the government saying that even father of anyone cannot arrest Swami Ramdev as brother and father are busy arresting the opposition.

TMC leader Mahua Moitra slammed government over Baba Ramdev’s statement. Though Mahua Moitra did not mention the government in her tweet, her tweet is being linked to the recent arrest of TMC leaders in the Narada case.

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