Govt says to Twitter: mend your ways or be ready to quit India.

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 27th May. The government of India has asked what many believe, the alleged left-orientation micro-blogging messenger App Twitter to mend its ways or be ready to quit India.
The Ministry of Information and Technology has issued a statement on the Swadeshi Koo app and attacked Twitter. The government’s post on the Koo app clearly shows that it wants to send a strong message to Twitter. In its statement, the government said in a scathing tone said that Twitter has tried to undermine the world’s largest democracy. The government said India is known for its democratic system and has freedom of expression as it’s an important pillar for centuries. We do not need any private, profitable, and foreign institutions to protect free speech in India. Even Twitter and its non-transparent policies have done the job of preventing free speech. Due to this, people’s accounts are being suspended and tweets are also being deleted without any reasonable reason.
The Modi government at the Centre has framed new IT rules and its deadline expired on May 25. The tech companies were given three months, but they did not act on it for three months. Now when that term is over, they are presenting themselves as victims, not ready to follow the government’s rules. The Modi government has bluntly told Twitter, “Welcome to India, but if you want to stay in India, you have to follow the rules of the Government of India, otherwise, it will not be too late to leave India.”
The government has categorically said that enacting laws and implementing policies is entirely the job of a sovereign government and Twitter is just a social media platform so ti should mend its ways and abide by the rules.

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