MLA Neeraj Sharma Alleges BJP Government Misusing Police Force


GG News Bureau
Chandigarh/Faridabad, 27th Feb.
 In a sharp accusation against the BJP-led government following the recent murder of INLD Faridabad’s state president Nafe Singh Rathi, MLA Neeraj Sharma from Faridabad alleged today that the administration is misusing the police force for political gains.

Addressing the assembly on February 26, MLA Neeraj Sharma claimed that the primary reason behind Rathi’s assassination was the BJP government’s exploitation of the police apparatus. He criticized the administration for prioritizing surveillance of legislators over public safety concerns.

MLA Neeraj Sharma recalled his inquiries during assembly sessions in December 2022 and December 2023 regarding a group of IPS officers’ visit to Israel in May 2018, allegedly sponsored by the state government. Despite seeking clarification on the matter, he expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s evasive responses, suggesting a lack of transparency in police actions and resource allocation.

Moreover, he highlighted instances where police personnel were disproportionately deployed for non-essential tasks such as managing political rallies, leaving communities vulnerable to criminal activities.

MLA Neeraj Sharma slammed the government for assigning a significant number of police officers to accompany political leaders during rallies instead of focusing on ensuring public safety. He stressed the need for accountability and transparency within the state administration.

The accusations by MLA Neeraj Sharma have sparked debates on the appropriate use of law enforcement agencies in political affairs and underscored the importance of prioritizing public safety over political agendas.

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