India registers significant improvement in its score in United Nation’s Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 23rd July. India has scored 90.32% in United Nation’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific’s (UNESCAP) latest Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation. The Survey hails this as a remarkable jump from 78.49% in 2019. After evaluation of 143 economies, the 2021 Survey has highlighted India’s significant improvement in the scores on all 5 key indicators, as follows:

Transparency:100% in 2021 (from 93.33% in 2019),Formalities: 95.83% in 2021 (from 87.5% in 2019),Institutional Arrangement and Cooperation: 88.89% in 2021 (from 66.67% in 2019),Paperless Trade: 96.3% in 2021 (from 81.48% in 2019),Cross-Border Paperless Trade 66.67% in 2021 (from 55.56% in 2019).

The Survey notes that India is the best performing country when compared to South and Southwest Asia region (63.12%) and Asia Pacific region (65.85%). The overall score of India has also been found to be greater than many OECD countries including France, UK, Canada, Norway, Finland etc. and the overall score is greater than the average score of EU. India has achieved a 100% score for the Transparency index and 66% in the “Women in trade” component.

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