IMA Uttarakhand sends defamation notice to the tune of Rs 1000 crore to Baba Ramdev.

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 25th May. The difficulties of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev have increased tremendously after his remarks against the Allopathic system of medicines where he decried the modern medicine system through a barrage of questions. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Uttarakhand has sent a defamation notice of Rs 1000 crore to Baba Ramdev and has also given an ultimatum to Ramdev to take back his remarks and statement in the next 15 days, that too with a written apology. The IMA Uttrakhand has written in its notice saying that if Ramdev does not take back his remarks and tender a written apology within 15 days he would have to face the defamation suit worth Rs 1000 crores. The IMA Uttrakhand did not stop there and has asked Baba Ramdev to remove his all advertisement from all locations. However, Baba Ramdev is still claiming that the Coronil ayurvedic medicine that has been manufactured by his firm is effective and has no side effects. The IMA in its stamen said that the 2000 members feel hurt and are outraged at the remarks of Baba Ramdev and if we calculate Rs 50 lakhs per doctor the defamation amount can be calculated into Rs 1000 crores. The residents of Uttarakhand are appalled at the warring factions which are embroiled in this fresh controversy. Ramesh Talwar a resident from Dehradun said that the matter should be resolved amicably. Some are even questioning the IMA Uttrakhand and which is ready to cough up Rs 50 lakh per doctor for the defamation suit but does not have money for the Covid patients who are dying in the Hospitals run by their members in Uttarakhand. One citizen of the state sarcastically said that the IMA Uttarakhand should also announce that it will open a state of art Hospital for the poor with the defamation amount in Uttarakhand if it wins the case.

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