I will Quit Politics If Rahul Gandhi Proves Congress-Ruled States Provided More Jobs Than Telangana: Kavitha


GG News Bureau
Hyderabad, 28th Nov. 
BRS MLC K Kavitha slammed Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday, stating that she would leave politics if the former AICC president could demonstrate that Congress-ruled states offered more jobs than Telangana.

In response to Bhatti Vikramarka, the leader of the Telangana Congress Legislature Party (CLP), who signed an affidavit in a temple pledging to fulfill six guarantees for the people of Telangana, Kavitha expressed her dissatisfaction with the grand old party’s unreasonable and absurd promises.

“I want to challenge Mr. Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party. If any Congress-ruled state has provided at least one additional job compared to the Telangana government, I will personally resign from politics,” she declared.

“If you cannot prove it, will Mr. Rahul Gandhi resign from politics? Do not deceive the unemployed youth of Telangana. Do not cheat our people using false promises,” she added.

Kavitha criticized the Congress party, claiming that all 223 of their candidates in Karnataka signed bond papers making promises to the people, but none of the five promises made have been fulfilled.

She alleged that before the Karnataka Assembly polls, the Congress party pledged to initiate the process of filling 2.60 lakh jobs within 100 days of forming the government, but no progress has been made to date.

According to Kavitha, the BRS government has issued a notification to fill 2.32 lakh jobs, of which 1.60 lakh have already been filled.

“I have signed the affidavit and sworn, in the presence of God, to fulfill the six guarantees for the people of Telangana,” Bhatti Vikramarka stated in a post on “X.”
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