HD Deve Gowda’s Grandson Prajwal Revanna’s Return to Bengaluru Amidst Political Storm

NDTV has accessed a Munich-Bengaluru ticket for Prajwal Revanna, scheduled to land at 12.30 am tomorrow, raising speculation over his return amidst the Karnataka sex tapes case.


GG News Bureau
Bengaluru, 15th May.
 In the midst of the political controversy surrounding the Karnataka sex tapes case, Janata Dal Secular MP and former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda’s grandson, Prajwal Revanna, appears to be making a significant move by potentially returning to Bengaluru. NDTV has obtained information regarding a Munich-Bengaluru ticket on a Lufthansa Airlines flight, slated to arrive at 12.30 am tomorrow, with Revanna listed as a business class passenger.

This development comes amidst escalating tensions following allegations against Revanna, who has been embroiled in a controversy involving explicit videos purportedly featuring him. The emergence of these videos has led to multiple cases against the JDS leader, including accusations of rape, sexual harassment, voyeurism, and criminal intimidation.

In response to the allegations, Revanna had previously stated via social media that he was not present in Bangalore for questioning, communicating through his advocate instead. However, with the revelation of his potential return, the spotlight intensifies on the ongoing investigation by Karnataka police’s Special Investigation Team (SIT).

The situation has further escalated with Revanna’s suspension from the JDS, as well as the arrest of his father, HD Revanna, a JDS legislator, in connection with one of the cases. The elder Revanna faces a kidnapping charge, with allegations emerging of his involvement in the disappearance of a woman who worked as a house help at his residence.

The political fallout from the sex tapes case has reverberated throughout Karnataka’s political landscape, with JDS alleging a conspiracy and the Congress using the controversy to target the BJP, which is in alliance with the JDS for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Meanwhile, HD Kumaraswamy, Prajwal Revanna’s uncle and a prominent JDS leader, has insinuated the involvement of a significant figure in leaking the sex tapes, with implications directed towards Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar. In response, Shivakumar has distanced himself from the allegations, emphasizing his role as an observer rather than a participant in the unfolding drama.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has weighed in on the issue, advocating for zero tolerance towards individuals like Prajwal Revanna while criticizing the Congress government in Karnataka for allegedly facilitating Revanna’s departure from the country.

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