Governor Anusuiya Uikey Participated in Covid-19 Awareness and Rescue webinar organized by CSVTU Bhilai

GG News Bureau

Raipur, 11th May. Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uikey in a webinar on “Covid-19 Awareness and Rescue” organized by Swami Vivekananda Technical University Bhilai said, “The whole world is facing the Corona crisis today. The country and the state is doing their best in dealing with the crisis. This is the time of our examination. It is necessary to be patient in this difficult situation. If we have courage and try in planned ways, then we can definitely succeed. She said that the corona infection cases are improving than before and will soon get rid of this crisis.

The Governor thanked all the Corona warriors, including doctors, health workers, sweepers, security forces, policemen, media persons, and said that the way in which they served in the first phase of this crisis and even now, it is commendable.

The Governor said that the fight against Corona has been fought so strongly and with great patience by all of us. The credit goes to all of you people who have brought the state and the country up to here while fighting Corona with discipline and patience.

She said that at present our state is struggling with crisis, in such adverse circumstances, the role of educational institutions also becomes important. At this time, we have to prioritize the right advice and cooperation to win the fight. I call upon the principals and directors of all colleges to conduct awareness campaigns through their college students and teachers and to make the general public aware. Along with providing medical facilities to the needy, counseling from doctors on phone or whatsapp-counseling should be initiated. She said that try to develop a positive environment with the help of local residents to overcome their fear of mind, etc.

She said that the vaccination process was in full speed from the first phase of vaccination and it was emphasized that vaccines must reach the needy in more and more areas and the frontline workers like doctors, policemen etc. were vaccinated. Now those above 18 years of age are being vaccinated. Therefore, I urge more and more people to get vaccinated.

In this webinar, Vice Chancellor Shri M.K. Verma and Directors and principals of various colleges and universities were present.

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