Family strife is expected at the Balaghat Lok Sabha seat


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Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 31st March. The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has selected former independent MP Kankar Munjare as its candidate for the Balaghat Lok Sabha constituency in Madhya Pradesh, placing him in the middle of a political quagmire.

Anubha Munjare, Munjare’s wife, is presently a Congress MLA from the same area, which has sparked discussion about her allegiances in the forthcoming elections.

Balaghat’s political scene has taken an intriguing turn as Anubha Munjare struggles with the decision of whether to support her husband’s campaign or stick with the Congress party.

Balaghat’s independent MP and two-term MLA Kankar Munjare had stated that he would like to run for Lok Sabha on a Congress ticket. But in the end, the party selected District Panchayat President Samrat Singh Sarswar as its candidate, even though some local MLAs had positive opinions of him. After that, he ran for asylum with the BSP, which nominated him as its candidate for the area.

Anubha Munjare is faced with a difficult choice: support her husband’s campaign or continue to be loyal to the Congress party and support Samrat Singh Sarswar? The BJP has nominated Bharti Pardhi to compete as well. Anubha Munjare has stated her loyalty to the Congress party, despite her familial ties to Kankar Munjare. She declared that although her husband was a significant influence in her political career and continues to be her mentor, she is unable to compromise her allegiance to the party that has given her respect and recognition.

She declared her intention to seek blessings for Congress and participate in campaign activities throughout the constituency, even though her husband is running for office with the BSP.

The BSP candidate, Kankar Munjare, dissociates himself from requesting his wife’s assistance in his election campaign. Speaking at a recent meeting in Balaghat, State Congress President Jitu Patwari escalated tensions by saying that the party’s agenda now revolves around Kankar Munjare rather than defeating the BJP. Kankar Munjare has called for unity within the Congress ranks and is unwavering in his determination to defeat the BJP.

Balaghat will hold its first round of polls on April 19, as the Election Commission has declared.


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